Screen Shot 2015-01-13 at 4.39.15 PMSlick Willy has managed to escape more times than Houdini was ever able to in his lifetime.

While there’s no need to go too far back into Clinton’s sordid past, you can’t help but notice a long trail of slime following him wherever he’s gone in the past three decades.

And this new revelation might just be about the most disgusting thing Clinton’s participated in yet.

And that’s saying something.

Clinton has been directly linked to the pimp who helped Prince Andrew get access to his many underage girls.

The pimp, Jeffery Epstein, had more than 21 numbers on speed-dial for the former President and his personal aid, Doug Band.

The New York Post reported that Clinton wised up as soon as Epstein started to get in trouble for his devilish actions.

They write:

But Clinton apparently turned his back on Epstein in 2005 — the year the financier was first arrested for receiving an “erotic massage” from a minor, according to the 2011 court records, related to a suit brought by women who claimed the businessman abused them.

Before that, Clinton was a frequent flier on the moneyman’s private jet.

“The documents clearly show that Clinton flew with Epstein and then suddenly stopped, raising the suspicion that the friendship abruptly ended, perhaps because of events related to Epstein’s sexual abuse of children,” the documents state.

Clinton was also pals with Ghislaine Maxwell, daughter of the late disgraced British press baron Robert Maxwell. She has been accused of “acting as a madam” for Epstein in the lawsuit filed by Roberts last week.

Maxwell was a guest at Chelsea Clinton’s wedding in 2010, according to the 2011 court documents, which are part of a civil lawsuit involving Epstein and two lawyers who represented some of his underage victims.

Those lawyers even considered subpoenaing Clinton, since he “might well be a source of relevant information” — but Bubba was never deposed.

Clinton’s no dummy.

You could argue he’s one of the most intelligent criminals of all time. The way he lied, cheated and stole his way to the top is a clear indicator of how dreadful he is.

It’s difficult to prove there was any impropriety going on between Clinton and underage girls. But anybody with enough objective reasoning skills could make the connection. If a man with a known sexual addiction travels 10 times with another man who has a known penchant for underage girls, you could make a pretty strong case for some seriously deviant behavior having taken pace.

The bigger question is why has this story received so little attention?

Prince Andrew is being put through the ringer right now.

There isn’t a tabloid in the world that hasn’t covered the story.

So where is the follow up on Clinton?

Let us know what you think the main reason is in the comments below.