Megyn Kelly is gearing up for the launch of her daytime talk show.

The anti-Trump anchor is betting on making a big splash.

But instead, it might be the final nail in the coffin for her career.

Kelly is scrambling to make her daytime show a hit.

Her Sunday night news magazine show was one the biggest flops in recent TV history.

It was yanked from the schedule before it completed its 10 episode run because of disastrously low ratings.

NBC’s only chance to recoup their reported $17 million a year investment is for her to hit it big as the host of the 9AM hour of The Today Show.

But insiders at NBC are in a panic over the prospects for the show.

The Daily Beast reports:

“Four weeks before the Sept. 25 debut of Megyn Kelly Today—the 9 a.m. replacement for the venerable morning show’s third hour, Today’s Take—some NBC insiders are expressing doubts, and even worries, about the network news division’s plan to scrap a reliable long-running program in order to morph the former Fox News anchor and Donald Trump nemesis into an accessible, female-friendly personality for an ethnically diverse daytime viewership.”

Kelly will have the same problem in the daytime that she had in primetime at NBC.

She is so identified with Fox News that she will have trouble attracting NBC’s center-left viewers.

Even though she fought with Trump, she is still viewed as the 9PM centerpiece of Fox’s primetime lineup.

But because she and Trump engaged in a month’s long feud, Kelly alienated her core Fox audience.

This has left her as an anchor without a base.

The Daily Beast reports this has NBC insiders once again predicting doom for her show:

“A lot of people were watching the magazine show to try to get a sense of her appeal to the daytime demographic and a sense of how she would be outside of the Fox environment,” said a veteran daytime television impresario, who noted that the nationwide audience in that time period is not only heavily female but from 25 to 30 percent African American and Latino. “Fox News skews very male… I always tend to think of her as more of a guy’s girl than a girl’s girl… It’s extremely challenging, and I’m not sure Megyn’s personality really connects with women…

…Yet, according to network insiders, her new role is prompting “questions internally about who her audience is exactly” as well as a sense of “total panic” concerning the intense media scrutiny that will unavoidably attend the launch of Megyn Kelly Today, to say nothing of the need to publicly vindicate NBC News Chairman Andy Lack’s $17 million gamble (reportedly her eye-popping annual compensation) when he wooed her away from Fox.

It was not a good omen for Kelly’s daytime prospects when Sunday Night with Megyn Kelly posted disappointing numbers, was reportedly pulled from its limited summer run July 30 two episodes short of the expected 10, and attracted unwelcome controversy with the Alex Jones segment, notably protests from the relatives of the Sandy Hook Elementary School victims (including 20 young children killed in a mass shooting that Jones had called a hoax).

“The Sunday show laid such an egg that any claims that she had automatic star power, to get people in the door to see what she was doing, have been disavowed,” television news analyst Andrew Tyndall told The Daily Beast. “The stardom of the celebrity anchor was a phenomenon of the 1980s back when [flamboyant ABC News president] Roone Arledge was around. In this day and age, the shows make the anchors, not the other way around.”

Will Kelly’s daytime show flop?

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