Hillary Clinton’s emails are still shrouded in mystery.

She has so far escaped prosecution, and thousands of pages of emails remain hidden from the public.

Now the FBI has made an announcement about the case that has everyone screaming “cover up!”

Some dogged investigators are still trying to get access to Hillary Clinton’s emails.

One such concerned citizen is Ty Clevenger – a lawyer who filed an open records request as part of his effort to get Clinton and her lawyers disbarred for mishandling classified information.

The FBI rejected his application on the outrageous grounds that there wasn’t enough public interest in the case to justify violating Clinton and her lawyers “privacy”.

The Washington Times reports:

“Hillary Clinton’s case isn’t interesting enough to the public to justify releasing the FBI’s files on her, the bureau said this week in rejecting an open-records request by a lawyer seeking to have the former secretary of state punished for perjury.

Ty Clevenger has been trying to get Mrs. Clinton and her personal attorneys disbarred for their handling of her official emails during her time as secretary of state. He’s met with resistance among lawyers, and now his request for information from the FBI’s files has been shot down.

“You have not sufficiently demonstrated that the public’s interest in disclosure outweighs personal privacy interests of the subject,” FBI records management section chief David M. Hardy told Mr. Clevenger in a letter Monday.

“It is incumbent upon the requester to provide documentation regarding the public’s interest in the operations and activities of the government before records can be processed pursuant to the FOIA,” Mr. Hardy wrote.”

“The FBI says it will only release records from its files if a subject consents, is dead, or is of such public interest that it overrides privacy concerns.

Mr. Clevenger said he thought it would have been clear why Mrs. Clinton’s case was of public interest, but he sent documentation anyway, pointing to a request by members of Congress for an investigation into whether Mrs. Clinton perjured herself in testimony to Capitol Hill.

“I’m just stunned. This is exactly what I would have expected had Mrs. Clinton won the election, but she didn’t. It looks like the Obama administration is still running the FBI,” Mr. Clevenger told The Washington Times.

“How can a story receive national news coverage and not be a matter of public interest? If this is the new standard, then there’s no such thing as a public interest exception,” he said.

The FBI didn’t provide comment Tuesday when asked how it balances public interest versus privacy in open-records requests.

Seeking to clear up any confusion over the level of public interest, one person forwarded to The Washington Times a petition started on the White House website to demand release of the documents.

“The assumption made by Mr. Hardy that such a release is not in the public interest is invalid and the FBI should immediately release these documents,” said the petition, started by user “C.S.”

Critics are screaming “cover up!”

Of course there is a public interest in Hillary Clinton’s emails.

She was nearly President of the United States.

And she may run again.

Even if she doesn’t, public officials who break the law or abuse their positions – as Hillary’s critics argue she did when she set up a private server – must be held accountable.

That the FBI is withholding her emails under a questionable premise is just another example of the swamp looking out for its inhabitants.


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