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Hillary Clinton skated by avoiding criminal charges in 2016 over her email server.

But the Democratic nominee almost didn’t get away scot-free.

Now, one top FBI lawyer is revealing how she managed to get away with it, and why she shouldn’t have been able to.

Hillary Clinton’s email scandal in 2016 was one of the top stories of the year.

And while the Democratic nominee for president managed to avoid facing criminal charges for her secret server and mishandling of classified information, the scandal was still enough to tank her campaign and allow Donald Trump to defeat her in a stunning upset.

And now, two years later, Clinton’s emails are making headlines once again.

This time, a top FBI lawyer is coming forward to explain how Clinton got away from criminal charges that he thinks should have been brought against her.

Fox News reports, “The FBI’s top lawyer in 2016 thought Hillary Clinton and her team should have immediately realized they were mishandling “highly classified” information based on the obviously sensitive nature of the emails’ contents sent through her private server.”

“And he believed she should have been prosecuted until “pretty late” in the investigation, according to a transcript of his closed-door testimony before congressional committees last October,” adds Fox News.

Former FBI general counsel James Baker told Congressional officials that high-level officials at the bureau were “arguing about” whether to bring charges against Clinton, “I think, up until the end,” he said.

Baker described Clinton’s behavior as “alarming” and “appalling” and apparently fought tooth and nail in favor of bringing criminal charges against her.

“The nature and scope of the classified information that, to me, initially, when I looked at it, I thought these folks should know that this stuff is classified, that it was alarming what they were talking about, especially some of the most highly classified stuff,” Baker said.

Fox News reports that Baker’s testimony has been confirmed and that those who listen to him address members of Congress found him to be a credible witness.

In July 2016, Clinton claimed that she had “never received nor sent any material that was marked classified” from her personal email system.

That was later proven to be a lie as classified material was found on her server.

Baker confirms that when James Comey announced that no reasonable prosecutor would bring charges against Clinton, he was in the wrong.

Baker told lawmakers that the decision to not bring charges against Clinton was not unanimous within the FBI, and that had he gotten his way, Clinton would have faced charges.

Had Clinton been charged, it’s possible she would be in jail today.

At any rate, she likely would have lost the presidential election to Trump by an even greater margin than she did, and it’s possible she would have lost the popular vote in the process.

Regardless however, the scandal was enough to help ensure her defeat, even if it wasn’t enough to actually result in criminal charges being pressed against her and her team.

But Baker’s remarks are now a bombshell that proves Clinton was not in the clear from a legal perspective, and there were officials within the FBI that strongly disagreed with Comey’s decision not to bring charges against her.

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