The media and Democrats are furiously trying to hunt down any evidence of collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia.

They have come up empty.

But collusion did occur and it happened right under their noses.

The U.S. Postal Service violated multiple federal laws when it was discovered that the agency forced postal workers to campaign for Hillary Clinton and other Big Labor backed Democrats.

The Washington Post reports:

The U.S. Postal Service engaged in widespread violations of federal law by pressuring managers to approve letter carriers taking time off last fall to campaign for Hillary Clinton and other union-backed Democrats, investigators said Wednesday.

High-level postal officials had for years granted employees’ requests for unpaid leave, leading last year to an “institutional bias” in favor of Clinton and other Democrats endorsed by the National Association of Letter Carriers, one of the largest postal unions. The Postal Service’s Office of Special Counsel and inspector general found that the agency violated the Hatch Act, which restricts federal employees from working for or against a political candidate or party during election season.

“The culture and practice was, ‘It’s mandatory, it’s the directive’” to ensure employees got time off, Adam Miles, acting director of the Office of Special Counsel, told Senate lawmakers at a hearing.

The investigation found that 97 letter carriers took time off, sometimes weeks, to take part in the union’s Labor 2016 program, canvassing, making phone calls and working on other get-out-the-vote efforts to help elect Clinton and other pro-labor candidates. The workers were dispatched to battleground states, including Florida, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Ohio. They were reimbursed for their unpaid leave by the union’s political action committee.

Federal employees, including postal workers, are allowed to use their time off to campaign or donate to political candidates. But by directing that time off be granted even over the objections of local post office managers who said they would be understaffed, the Postal Service showed a workplace bias toward Clinton and other Democrats endorsed by the union, Miles said.

This is the second case of collusion that benefited Hillary Clinton.

Democrat operatives colluded with the Ukrainian government to obtain damaging information about Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort.

That collusion had an effect on the race as Manafort was forced to resign from the campaign.

No evidence of collusion or illegal behavior of any Trump operatives has been discovered.

But the wrongdoing committed by Hillary Clinton and her supporters continues to pile.

While the so-called “mainstream” media chases Russian ghosts under every bed, they are ignoring the real collusion and cheating scandals of the 2016 election.