Eric Holder Good RiddanceEric Holder is every liberal’s favorite Attorney General, and with the amount of damage he’s inflicted upon the conservative architecture of the United States, there’s really no question why.

He’s also one of the first to begin race-baiting, the first to resort to ad hominem attacks, the first to create extraneous laws to target conservatives and, of course… the last to actually act justly. This is why Eric Holder has been the paragon of what’s wrong with the American judicial system ever since he took office.

Fortunately for conservatives across the nation, they’ll be seeing a lot less of the narcissistic prosecutor.

That’s because after 5.5 long years of acting with impunity, Holder has decided to step down.

If you’d believe the lies coming out of Holder’s mouth, you’d think it’s because he’s served “too long.” Holder is the third-longest serving A.G. and says he’s stepping down now so Democrats can get another Democrat A.G. into office before the 2016 elections.

But if you’re really listening, what you can hear is a silent admission to all of the misdeeds he committed while he was in office. In truth, “he’s getting out while the going is good,” as Steve Stockman (TX-R) said.

Stockman said in an interview with WND:

Holder knows the House is after him to produce his emails in the IRS scandal involving Lois Lerner, and he wants to get out now, in the possibility the Republicans control both the House and Senate after the November elections.

Unfortunately, he won’t be gone fast enough. Holder will stay on till a successor is found. One can only hope his successor isn’t anywhere near as bad as he was.

Stockman said the he believes the “stone-waller in chief of the Obama administration… [is] angling to get a judgeship appointment in Obama’s last two lame-duck years in office.”

“Cleverly, Holder’s getting out while the Democratic Senate can still confirm a replacement,” Stockman said. This will avoid a lot of questions the Obama administration would face if Holder’s resignation came after the mid-terms when Holder’s replacement might have to face a Republican Senate.

The real reason Holder is trying to get out of dodge right now is because he knows Republicans are gunning for his impeachment.

Rep. Pete Olsen (TX-R) created a bill in November of 2013 which demanded Holder be prosecuted for his role in both the Fast and Furious scandal as well as the recent IRS email scandal.

The bill has already received support from 28 Republicans and is likely one of the issues Holder is trying to avoid by getting out of office as quickly as possible.

Holder knows he’s on thin ice. After all, Congress found him to be in contempt of Congress after he refused to turn over subpoenaed documents relating to Fast and Furious.

And as the pressure mounts on both Obama and Holder for their mismanagement of critical domestic issues, it’s likely Holder is feeling the proverbial heat.

It remains to be seen who will be his eventual replacement, but you can be sure of one thing… Even though Holder’s leaving, Obama’s still got a plan that is sure to send America to hell in a hand basket.

You need to be prepared for the eventuality of an orchestrated meltdown.

Which is why you need to discover the government’s hidden agenda.

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