Jeffrey EpsteinJeffrey Epstein’s death proved to be one of the biggest news events of the year.

And his demise could prove to be fatal to several top Democrats’ political careers.

And now, Epstein has just left one awful parting gift for two top Democrats.

Democrat mega-donor Jeffrey Epstein died over the weekend despite being held on suicide watch as he awaited what would have been the trial of the century.

Epstein is a billionaire and a sex offender who was busted earlier this year on human trafficking and pedophilia charges.

And while many may think that Epstein’s death brings the explosive story to an end, the problems he created for many of his Democratic colleagues could only just be beginning.

Breitbart reports, “An alleged victim of Jeffrey Epstein’s trafficking scheme named two prominent Democrats as part of a group of men with whom she was forced to have sex, unsealed documents revealed Friday.”

This could be an explosive story that could rock the Democratic party to its core.

Epstein’s connections with Democrats are well-documented, with the billionaire pedophile having a close relationship with Bill Clinton, as well as other Democrats like Chuck Schumer.

And his death may not ultimately clear other Democrats of their connections to him.

That’s because on the same day that Epstein died, documents were unsealed by William Barr’s Justice Department that could end up implicating several top Democrats in Epstein’s illegal and disgusting activities.

“The more than 2,000 papers released by the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of New York allege that Virginia Roberts Giuffre, 33, claimed in May 2016 that she was trafficked by Jeffrey Epstein to have sex with and give erotic massages to several politicians, foreign leaders, and businessmen,” adds Breitbart.

This could be the storm which sinks the Democrats right as the 2020 election cycle begins to heat up in a major way.

And the signs of an impending disaster are already beginning to form on the horizon.

“The two Democrat politicians named in the allegations were former Sen. George Mitchell (ME) and former New Mexico governor and Clinton cabinet official Bill Richardson,” adds Breitbart.

Mitchell once served as the Senate Majority Leader, while Bill Richardson was once floated as a presidential candidate and maintains a close relationship with the Clinton family.

Both men could be looking at the mother of all political scandals in coming weeks.

“Mitchell, who is a former Senate majority leader and was later named special envoy to the Middle East by former President Obama, called the allegations ‘false’ and denied he had ever met or had any contact with Giuffre,” reports Breitbart.

“A spokesperson for Richardson also said the allegations against him were ‘completely false,’ adding that ‘Governor Richardson has never been to Mr. Epstein’s residence in the Virgin Islands. Governor Richardson has never met Ms. Giuffre.’”

How much damage do you think the Epstein scandal could inflict on Democrats?

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