The NFL national anthem protests are out of control.

One team took the demonstrations to the next level.

And you won’t believe what happened to them.

The Houston Texans got in on the protest act.

All but ten players took a knee during the anthem before their game against the Seattle Seahawks.

The Texans players were reacting to comments made by Texans owner Bob McNair who opposes the anti-American protests.

He was quoted as saying, “we can’t let in the inmates run the prison.”

The Texans players’ sense of political correctness overwhelmed their sense of reason to the point where a commonly used figure of speech morphed into a racist dog-whistle because social justice warriors in the NFL and social media have all lost their minds.

Players threw down the race card even though McNair quickly apologized and didn’t actually do anything wrong.

But patriotic fans – and those still maintaining their sense of reason – got the last laugh.

After the Texans threw their America-hating hissy fit during the anthem, they lost the game to the Seahawks 41-38.