Hillary can’t escape her email scandal and Benghazi.

She tried to cover up the truth by deleting 33,000 emails and using a private server.

But one judge just handed down a ruling that could spell the end for Hillary Clinton.

Judicial Watch is keeping up the fight to uncover the truth about the Benghazi terrorist attack.

Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and Susan Rice all lied at the time of the attack about it being the result of protests over a YouTube video.

That was a lie.

But how did they craft that bit of fake news?

The answer may lie in Hillary Clinton’s emails.

Judicial Watch just scored a major victory in a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit against the State Department.

Fox News reports a federal judge has ordered the State Department to once again search for Hillary’s emails:

A federal judge has ordered the State Department to search the “state.gov” email accounts of Hillary Clinton aides Huma Abedin, Cheryl Mills and Jacob Sullivan for records related to Benghazi, as part of a watchdog’s Freedom of Information Act lawsuit.

U.S. District Judge for the District of Columbia Amit Mehta made the call Tuesday, describing the FOIA lawsuit filed by Judicial Watch in March 2015 as “a far cry from a typical FOIA case.”

He noted that “Secretary Clinton used a private email server located in her home to transmit and receive work-related communications during her tenure as Secretary of State.”

“The sole remaining dispute in this case is the adequacy of State’s search for responsive records,” Mehta wrote in his opinion and order, noting the State Department has argued the search through Clinton aides’ emails “is likely to be unfruitful.”

Judge Mehta held that the State Department really didn’t look very hard the first time and should check their servers.

If Hillary emailed someone who was using a government account, it would stand to reason those emails would be found on the State Department’s server.

Fox News also reports:

But Mehta wrote that the State Department “has not, however, searched the one records system over which it has always had control and that is almost certain to contain some responsive records: the state.gov email server.”

“If Secretary Clinton sent an email about Benghazi to Abedin, Mills, or Sullivan at his or her state.gov email address, or if one of them sent an email to Secretary Clinton using his or her state.gov account, then State’s server presumably would have captured and stored such an email,” Mehta wrote. “State has an obligation to search its own server for responsive records.”

The Benghazi scandal has been a parade of lies from the moment the terrorists struck.

Obama and his minions — Clinton and Rice — immediately lied about the cause because admitting they were asleep at the switch would have been disastrous in the heat of a presidential campaign.

The American people deserve the truth about how the fake news story the Obama administration spread was put together.

We will keep you updated on this developing story.