Elizabeth Warren jumps at any opportunity to attack Donald Trump.

It’s all part of her plan to defeat him in 2020.

But she just made the worst mistake of her life.

Trump sent liberals into spasms of outrage when he tweeted out a hilarious jab at their religious belief in the fake news hoax known as man-made global warming.

Warren could not contain herself and tried to prove her “resistance” credentials when she tweeted back an absurd response about how she believes in “science.”

This led to a number of hilarious responses that pointed out how the Democrats are actually the party that rejects science because of their beliefs that one can change their gender, life does not begin at conception, and how Warren herself claimed she was a Native American Indian.

These tweets point out the ridiculous nature of Elizabeth Warren’s position, and previews the difficulty she will have in a 2020 campaign.

She holds extreme and indefensible positions.

And her lies about her Native American heritage already reveals her fundamental dishonesty.

All of this combined creates a target-rich candidate for Donald Trump’s taunts and ridicule.

Do you agree Warren is a fatally flawed candidate?

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