A multi-millionaire Senator who has the best health care coverage is not “the face of Medicaid,” despite her claims at a town hall meeting.

Sen. Warren’s net worth is over 15 million dollars, yet she claimed in her speech that “she is the face of Medicaid” and other taxpayer funded health care.

Strangely, she touted an ObamaCare “success story” of a dead state legislator.

She said that the late state Rep. Gailanne Cariddi, a Democrat from North Adams who died in June after a short battle with cancer, was also the face of government-run health care.  Somehow, ObamaCare didn’t save her.

Even more strange is she attacked the GOP for not fulfilling their pledge of repealing ObamaCare on day one as they promised.

“Day one has come and gone,” she said. “And they have not repealed Obamacare” — sounds more like a challenge coming from the conservative Right, and not a socialist Democrat who should be happy the GOP has not succeeded.

The Berkshire Eagle reports:

“After brief remarks, the Senator answered questions on a wide range of topics. Health care and political action against the administration of President Donald Trump dominated the conversation. The Senator cautioned the audience on what to expect from the latter.

“Keep in mind that right behind Trump is another Republican who does not share our values,” said Warren. “You get to fight because it’s the fight that matters.”

Warren told the crowd that there’s still much to be done to keep up the fight against the Republican agenda — especially now that the GOP has released their version of health care legislation.

“If this is not the time to stand up and fight back, then I don’t know when it comes,” said Warren.

Warren listed a number of legislative fixes for health care and told the crowd Democrats would fight to preserve their access to medical care.

“We are a country determined to build a future where healthcare is a human right,” said Warren.

The Senator referred to the GOP health care plan as a tax cut for the rich. Republican lawmakers argue that their plan will lower rates and offer consumers more choices. The Government Accounting Office determined that the GOP plan would cause 22 million people to lose health insurance in ten years.

Pushing back on the GOP plan requires personalizing the issue, said Warren.

“If you’re touched by Medicare or Medicaid, put your face on it,” said Warren. “I am the face of Medicaid. That’s what we need to see.”

The President and Republicans campaigned in the 2016 general election on the promise of repealing the Democratic health care legislation on “day one,” Warren pointed out. 

“Day one has come and gone,” she said. “And they have not repealed Obamacare.”

Health care was a priority for the late state Rep. Gailanne Cariddi, a Democrat from North Adams who died in June after a short battle with cancer.

She represented the 1st Berkshire District in the House from 2010 to 2017 and served 21 years on the North Adams City Council. State Rep. Tricia Farley Bouvier, D-Pittsfield, and state Rep. Paul Mark, D-Peru, delivered remarks in Cariddi’s memory.

Warren, who got enthusiastic applause when she told the crowd she is running for re-election in 2018, has developed a high profile on the national stage.

Well known for her pointed questioning of financial institutions and professionals in her position on the Committee on Banking, Housing, & Urban Affairs, Warren is frequently mentioned as a potential presidential contender in 2020.” 

Only in Massachusetts can a multi-millionaire with the best taxpayer-paid health insurance available claim that she needs taxpayer-funded health care, and there are people who think what she is saying is profound.