Democratic Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts is dead-set on launching a rally for local governments to oppose President Trump.

But something from her past is suddenly making a comeback in the media, and may thwart her plans to gain favor against Trump.

During a speech at a Chicago event in May, while slamming the GOP health care replacement, Warren made morbid threats against Republicans that are now coming back to haunt her.

Warren claimed she wanted to “cut open their bodies to see if they had hearts” because of their “brutal healthcare plan.”

BuzzFeed reported:

She said the GOP’s first effort at passing a health care bill failed because it “was not brutal enough for a big chunk of the Republican party.” “God, what planet do they live on?” she said. Mouthing the word “heart,” she gestured that she wanted to know if they had hearts, suggesting that the Republicans’ demands for a more “brutal” bill were heartless.

While left-wing groups are claiming that her threats were made in a joking manner, Republicans are less than amused with the violent narrative the left continually pushes against conservative values.

Elizabeth Warren is currently leading a campaign against President Trump in the hopes of rallying local governments against him.

The Washington Post reported:

Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) plans to take to the streets of Washington on Wednesday to add to pressure from mayors for President Trump to protect federal investment in affordable housing. Warren is headlining a protest march against Trump’s proposal to slash $6.2 billion from the Department of Housing and Urban Development, less than two weeks after a dozen mayors signed on to a letter warning that the proposed budget cuts could shut down public housing units.

With Democrats sidelined in Congress, Warren and other liberals don’t hold much control over the purse strings. Their only avenue appears to be trying to sway public opinion to influence lawmakers. “We don’t have the votes. That’s why it’s important to raise our voices,” Warren said.

Elizabeth Warren is just one more power-hungry monger in D.C. that needs to resign, yet she continues to be a thorn in the side of Republicans everywhere who actually want to make change happen.

While she continues her protests against the President, the Republican-majority government continues to work in the best interest of the people.

Do you think Warren should have been forced to resign for her comments against Republicans?

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