The self-styled opponent of Wall Street executives was spotted at an exclusive political retreat in swanky Martha’s Vineyard, as the guest of an infamous Wall Street executive.

Instead of using the event to confront him, she tweeted out photos of her luxury weekend.

But that’s not even her most shameful act of hypocrisy.  From lying about her race to stealing a job from a minority to rolling in cash she made off snatching foreclosed homes, here’s the real Elizabeth Warren.

The Washington Free Beacon reported:

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D., Mass.), one of the Senate’s fiercest Wall Street critics, attended a Democratic donor retreat over the weekend hosted by former UBS bank executive Robert Wolf, who last year lashed out against politicians that target Wall Street for political gain.

Wolf hosted Warren as part of the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee’s annual donor retreat in Martha’s Vineyard. He wrote on Twitter that he was “honored” to host Warren, who was joined by other Democratic senators at the fundraiser.

Warren’s office did not respond to a request for comment on her decision to attend Wolf’s event.

Warren didn’t make any public announcement over the weekend regarding her participation in the donor event.

She did, however, post pictures on Twitter of a town hall she held in Martha’s Vineyard prior to the dinner, noting that the event was “what Democracy looks like.”

For most politicians that would be a surprising act of hypocrisy.

But this is Elizabeth Warren, who hasn’t yet found a core principle she can’t take both sides on.

First, there’s the obvious.  The self-proclaimed defender of minorities falsely represented her ethnicity to secure a lucrative job for which a minority was preferred.

In the 1990s Harvard and other universities were under fire from the liberal establishment for their largely White faculty.  At a time when they were facing pressure to give prime teaching spots to traditionally oppressed minorities, Warren began listing herself as “Native American” in teaching directories.

It was under that designation Warren was given a “minority law professor” position at Harvard.  The university publicly promoted her as “the first woman with a minority background to receive tenure.”

Warren was, of course, 100% White with no Native American ancestry whatsoever, giving rise to her “Fauxochantas” nickname.

But perhaps no act of dishonesty and hypocrisy is greater than Warren’s record on home foreclosures.

Warren wrote two different books claiming home flippers and foreclosure investors were scam artists.

In her 2002 book, “The Fragile Middle Class,” Warren accused house flippers of preying on the vulnerable, lamenting that they buy homes at foreclosure sales, which are “notorious for fetching low prices.”  In 2006’s “All Your Worth,” Warren warned readers to be wary of people promising “you can make big money buying houses and flipping them quickly.”

So, you can probably guess how Warren personally raked in nearly a quarter of a million dollars.

In 1993 Warren convinced a 70-year-old stroke victim Mary Frances Hickman to sell her family’s house for only $30,000, about one-fifth of its value.Warren almost immediately sold off the elderly woman’s childhood home for $145,000, pocketing $110,000 in profit.

The family was stunned by the sale.

It (the house) was really, really nice,” Hickman’s granddaughter told National Review. “Maybe she got bad advice, maybe she was just tired.”

Warren and her husband have made at least $240,500 flipping homes (before deducting the unknown sum they invested in remodeling),” NR reported.

Whether it’s a luxury retreat in Martha’s Vineyard, lucrative teaching positions at top universities or flipping the homes of stroke victims, there’s no personal belief Elizabeth Warren won’t sell to the top bidder.