Elizabeth Warren is building her profile for a challenge to Donald Trump in 2020.

She’s positioning herself as the leader of the “resistance.”

But she gave one speech that revealed a scandal that threatens everything.

So-called “equal pay” laws are a hill to die on for liberals.

The left continues to push the debunked myth that women are paid less than men in order to justify command-and-control government policies to regulate wages.

One of the ringleaders of this hoax was Elizabeth Warren.

She gave a speech recently where she complained about “unequal pay” in the workforce.

But by giving this speech, Warren drew attention to the skeletons in her closet.

And they open her up to charges of hypocrisy that could doom her Presidential campaign.

The Washington Free Beacon reports:

“Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D., Mass.) spoke out on the issue of gender pay equality in a speech on Thursday without noting the equal pay shortcomings in her own senate office, where women earned a fraction of what was earned by men in 2016.

In an address to liberal activists of the Progressive Change Campaign Committee, Warren said that she is continually reminded on Capitol Hill that she needs to push equal pay.

“Boy, do they keep reminding me about this on Capitol Hill the need to say this,” Warren said on Thursday. “We believe in equal pay for equal work.”

But in Elizabeth Warren’s Senate office women make just 71 percent of what men make.

If there is unequal pay in the work place, one needs to look no further than Elizabeth Warren’s Senate office to find it.

The Washington Free Beacon also reports:

“Warren fell silent on the issue of equal pay after the Washington Free Beacon reported in April that women earned just 71 cents for each dollar earned by men. She notably failed to acknowledge Equal Pay Day this year, separating herself from every other female Democratic senator and most males as well.

Equal Pay Day was used by the Massachusetts senator in previous years to give strong statements demanding legislation to help alleviate the gender pay gap. In 2016, she called Equal Pay Day a “national day of embarrassment” and pledged to continue her “fight” until the pay gap was erased.

The significant pay gap in Warren’s office—the median female salary was more than $20,000 less than the median male salary—was due largely to the fact that the top salaries went to men.

Only one woman employed for the entirety of 2016 made six figures, and five men made more than she did.

Warren’s office did not respond at the time to requests for comment on its gender pay gap or on its decision to ignore Equal Pay Day after the report. It did, however, unsuccessfully attempt to discount the report by feeding flawed data to the Huffington Post, a liberal blog.”

Do you think this scandal is a major embarrassment for Warren that will end her Presidential hopes?

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