warren 2.25

Elizabeth Warren’s presidential campaign was already turning into a slow-moving train wreck.

But the Massachusetts Senator just made things ten times worse.

This outrageous attack on white people has officially set Warren’s campaign on fire.

Elizabeth Warren is officially running for president.

But unofficially, the Massachusetts Senator is now running to be the biggest joke in an increasingly large and unwieldy Democratic primary field.

After being one of the first major candidates to throw their hat in the ring, Warren seemed to be a formidable candidate on paper.

Her far left-wing politics, coupled with her record as one of President Trump’s fiercest critics in Washington, made her a natural contender for the Democratic nomination.

But all of that seems to be fading away, as Warren’s campaign increasingly becomes a parody of itself.

And this latest move is sure to accelerate the decline.

Breitbart reports, “Democratic 2020 presidential candidate Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) confirmed in a Thursday interview with the New York Times that she supports slavery reparations for black Americans.”

Despite the fact that slavery as an institution ended over 150 years ago, Warren thinks that Americans should be punished or rewarded for something that not a single living person today experienced.

What’s more, this radical policy is so far out into left field that not even Barack Obama backed reparations for slavery when he ran for president in 2008.

“Warren’s staff declined to elaborate on how she would support reparations, but the calls for reparations came after she said the federal government should provide financial assistance to residents in poor communities affected by ‘redlining’,” reports Breitbart.

Somehow, Warren took mortgage practices and turned it into an argument for compensating people for slavery.

The fact is, not a single human being on earth was alive when slavery last existed in the United States.

What’s more, there’s not a single person living today who has even indirectly experienced slavery in America.

The oldest Americans today were born some 50 years after the 13th Amendment, abolishing slavery, was adopted.

Warren’s plan is of course nothing short of a bizarre attempt to pander to her radical base.

But from a political perspective, it’s a disaster.

The overwhelming majority of Americans oppose reparations for slavery.

And for good reason.

The same argument used for reparations for slavery could be used for endless historical grievances.

A Pandora’s box of claims from the past could be made if Warren’s argument for slavery reparations actually passed.

Should Irish Americans be given reparations as well? Should French-speaking people in Maine and Louisiana be given reparations from the British conquests of those regions shortly before the founding of America?

There is no clear line that could be drawn if one follows Warren’s argument to its logical conclusion.

Which explains why it’s so unpopular.

Warren seems to be playing a game whereby she is throwing away any chances of her defeating Trump in the general election, simply for the sake of shoring up her leftist base in the Democratic primary.

And this attack on white people for a sin that no living person has ever had a role in, is sure to be one of the key issues that could doom Warren’s campaign.

We will keep you up to date with any new developments in this ongoing story.