The media can’t believe it.

The Russian collusion story is finally dead.

That’s because Donald Trump just shut it down with these two tweets.

Journalists have used Trump’s refusal to publically criticize Russian President Vladimir Putin as evidence that Russia and the Trump campaign colluded during the election.

Trump supporters maintained that the President never took this course of action because he wanted to build a relationship with Putin in order to work toward mutual goals such as defeating ISIS in Syria.

But that all changed when Trump fired off two tweets about the chemical attack in Syria.

Trump reacted to the news by blasting Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and Vladimir Putin.

Putin is Assad’s chief sponsor.

And while there is no evidence Putin knew about the attack, he could yank Assad’s leash and rein him in.

This was the first time Trump called Putin out by name.

And it is the final nail in the coffin of the collusion narrative.

The media story that Trump and Putin were secretly in league was always fake news.

It was all speculation that only gained traction because the liberal activists who populate the newsrooms used their megaphones to generate a giant echo chamber that spread false information to try and damage the President.

But as the months have dragged on and no evidence of collusion emerged, millions of Americans became skeptical of the story.

Now that Trump has called out Putin by name, this fiction can finally be put to bed.

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