The swamp’s attempts to remove Donald Trump through the phony Russia collusion charges have failed.

So now Democrats and the media are dredging up an evil new plan to force Trump to resign.

But Trump just shut it down with this one tweet.

Democrats are using the sexual misconduct scandals sweeping Hollywood, the media and Washington – where mostly liberal men are accused of mistreating women – to attack Trump.

They are dredging up the questionable accusations that women levied against Trump by women during the 2016 campaign to insist he resign from office.

Conservatives saw this coming when Democrats forced Senator Al Franken to resign after multiple women accused him of groping them.

The second act of this play commenced when New York Senator Kirsten Gillibrand became the first Democrat demanding Trump resign.

Trump saw this coming and fired back with a tweet of his own that made it clear Gillibrand was nothing more than a political hack and opportunist.

It was a transparent ploy by the Democrats.

They refuse to accept the fact that Trump is the legitimately elected President of the United States.

Their first scheme to remove him from office imploded.

So they are shifting gears and trying to use unverified gossip to paint Trump as a sexual abuser and demand he resign.

But Trump squashed that move with his tweet exposing Gillibrand as a shameless political operator who doesn’t care one bit about women or victims but is only in it to advance her own career.

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