Adam Schiff

The Democrats had one chance to save themselves from an embarrassing disaster.

But their star witness told a big fat lie that’s getting them deeper in trouble.

Donald Trump turned the tables on Adam Schiff. And this one video just ended impeachment.

The Democrats thought that they had got the ultimate win when John Bolton came out with his allegations against Trump in a leak excerpt of his new book.

This prompted all the liberals who had previously hated him to adore him tremendously and sell cash to buy his book.

But while John Bolton has managed to both get himself a boatload of cash and satisfy his grudge against Trump there’s a huge problem with his story.

He’s changed the story he’s telling to the media.

That makes it clear that John Bolton will say whatever is most profitable for him to say at the moment.

The New York Times reported:

President Trump told his national security adviser in August that he wanted to continue freezing $391 million in security assistance to Ukraine until officials there helped with investigations into Democrats including the Bidens, according to an unpublished manuscript by the former adviser, John R. Bolton.

Mr. Bolton’s explosive account of the matter at the center of Mr. Trump’s impeachment trial, the third in American history, was included in drafts of a manuscript he has circulated in recent weeks to close associates. He also sent a draft to the White House for a standard review process for some current and former administration officials who write books.

Multiple people described Mr. Bolton’s account of the Ukraine affair. The book presents an outline of what Mr. Bolton might testify to if he is called as a witness in the Senate impeachment trial, the people said. The White House could use the pre-publication review process, which has no set time frame, to delay or even kill the book’s publication or omit key passages.

But an old video of John Bolton that the President shared shows him telling a very different story.

“I will be meeting President Zelensky. He and President Trump have already spoken twice,” Bolton told Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty shortly after the call that sparked the Democrats’ impeachment attempt. “President called to congratulate President Zelensky on his election and then on his success in the parliamentary election. They were very warm and cordial calls. We’re hoping that they will be able to meet in Warsaw and have a few minutes together.”

“Because the success of Ukraine maintaining its freedom, its system of representative government, a free market economy — free of corruption — and dealing with the problems of the Donbass and the Crimea are high priorities here, obviously, but also high priorities for the United States, as well,” Bolton added.


Trump captioned on the video.

And the game is over for impeachment.

There will be no witnesses, Bolton’s tall tales haven’t been taken seriously by anyone who didn’t already hate Trump.

John Bolton is clearly after his own self-interest which is why no one took him seriously.