The migrant caravan thought Donald Trump was fooling.

Thousands of migrants continue to barrel towards the Southern border with no signs of stopping.

But Donald Trump shut down the caravan with one nasty surprise.

Donald Trump Gives The Caravan A Big Surprise

At a pre-election event, Trump announced his plan to stop the caravan.

He informed Americans that he would change asylum laws to block anyone caught entering the country illegally from requesting asylum.

The Washington Post reported on an exclusive conversation with Trump administration officials:

Administration officials said that the Supreme Court has upheld the president’s broad executive powers on such matters and that the restrictions rolled out Thursday represent a reasonable response as the nation’s immigration system is drowning in what they characterized as frivolous asylum claims by migrants who cross illegally.

“Those who enter the country between [official] ports of entry — i.e., illegally — are knowingly and voluntarily breaking the law,” one administration official said. “So it’s just important to remind everybody that while all immigration laws do afford people various forms of protection, the reality is that it’s a violation of federal law to enter our country in the manner that these illegal aliens are entering the country.”

Why This Change Is Necessary

The current law allows migrants to request asylum if they are caught entering the country.

Once border patrol catches them illegally entering the country, the migrants can claim they fear being sent home due to threats of violence or persecution.

The next step is a credible interview.

But Obama had loosened the guidelines to allow migrants to claim fear of gang or domestic violence as well.

This open border policy led to a flood of migrants showing up to request asylum.

Immigration courts have a 750,000 case backlog because of this.

Migrants can still request asylum at a port of entry.

The Department of Homeland Security released a statement defending Trump’s new policy.

“Our nation is experiencing an unprecedented crisis on our Southern Border,” the Department wrote in a statement. “Low standards for claiming a fear of persecution have allowed aliens with meritless claims to illegally enter our country, claim ‘credible fear,’ and then in many cases be released pending lengthy proceedings.”

Abuse Of The Asylum System

The government grants fewer than 20 percent of asylum claims.

But there are multiple points of abuse.

First, the immigrants caught by border patrol get released into the country until their hearing.

This is known as “catch and release.”

Studies show that anywhere from 25 to 35 percent of illegal aliens do not return for their court date.

The courts could process these cases quickly because a flood of economic migrants clog up the system.

These migrants have no legitimate claim.

They flood across the border to take low wage jobs.

Trump is 100 percent correct to crack down on this process.

It’s why the American people elected him.

We will keep you up to date on any new developments in this ongoing story.