Former FBI Director James Comey’s book is the latest front in the anti-Trump “resistance” campaign to remove the President.

Comey kicked off his five-week book tour with an interview with former Clinton operative George Stephanopoulos.

But Trump struck back and shut down Comey with a series of jaw dropping tweets.

Comey’s book vindicated Trump.

It revealed that Comey did not believe Trump did anything illegal and that Trump asking him to “lift the cloud” was a request to conduct more investigations to prove the Steele dossier’s golden showers allegation was false.

But that didn’t stop the media from hyping the Comey interview.

The media’s goal is to destroy Trump and undo the results of the free and fair election America held in 2016.

So Comey’s interview received near ‘round the clock promotion on anti-Trump cable and broadcast networks.

Trump fired back on twitter and launched into Comey with a series of biting posts that exposed him as a liar, political opportunist, and a criminal.

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