Christine Ford is working with the Democrats to destroy Brett Kavanaugh.

They launched a smear campaign to force him to quit so Democrats can block any Trump Supreme Court nominee.

Donald Trump finally had enough and shut Ford and the Democrats down with these seven words.

Christine Ford’s Stall Tactics

Republicans offered Ford the chance to tell her story in a hearing on Monday.

They said she could testify in public or private.

They also said they would be willing to fly a staffer to California for an interview.

She rejected every offer.

At first she claimed she wanted the FBI to investigate before she would testify.

Then her lawyer said she would testify, but not on Monday.

She also made a series of demands that no one could accept.

Shannon Bream of Fox News tweeted:

SOURCES:  Ford team wants NO questions from lawyers, only Qs from Committee members, #Kavanaugh cannot be in the room, Kavanaugh must testify FIRST  – more to come …

Critics argue these are poison-pill demands to make sure Ford never testifies and then the Democrats can blame Republicans for not compromising.

In America, the accused has a right to answer the charges.

If Kavanaugh goes first, he has no way to answer whatever accusations Ford makes in her testimony.

In addition, the GOP does not need to subpoena anymore witnesses.

Ford names other students who were at the party.

They submitted letters to the committee denying they were there.

These letters carry the same penalty of perjury as a testimony would.

They also said they do not want to testify.

Ford wants a hearing on Thursday because she is a Democratic activist working with Democrat political operatives.

One of Joe Biden’s aides is working with her.

They want the hearing on Thursday because the GOP wanted to confirm Kavanaugh before the Supreme Court session starts on October 1st.

A Thursday hearing puts that in danger.

Donald Trump Responds

Trump responded to Ford’s stall tactics in an interview before a rally in Montana.

He told Sean Hannity that, “they have to get on with it.”

“I think is a sad situation, he’s an outstanding person. And frankly, Sean, to see what is going on is just very, very sad,” Trump began.

“You say, why didn’t somebody call the FBI 36 years ago? I mean you could also say when did this all happen, what is going on?” Trump stated. “To take a man like this and besmirch — now with that being said, let her have her say and let’s see how it all works out. But I don’t think you can delay it any longer, they’ve delayed a week already,” he continued.

“I have been accommodating. I say let her say what she has to say and let’s see how it all comes out. But they’ve delayed it a week and they have to get on with it,” he finished.

Trump is speaking the truth.

The American people can see what is going on.

Critics believe Ford is nothing more than a Democrat working with the Democrat Party to tell fairytales about Brett Kavanaugh in the hopes to delay the vote on his confirmation.

We will keep you up to date on any new developments in this ongoing story.