Donald TrumpDonald Trump and his supporters are constantly checking the temperature of Congressional Republicans to make sure they will stand by him in the impeachment witch hunt.

That support just met its toughest test to date.

And Donald Trump was left speechless when he saw the results from this crucial vote.

Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin was a conservative outsider that defeated the political establishment in the Blue Grass State to win an upset victory in 2015.

Under Bevin’s watch, Kentucky passed landmark conservative legislation such as making Kentucky a right to work state and Bevin signed Constitutional Carry legislation for gun owners into law.

But Bevin also made powerful enemies.

Union bosses, the fake news media and George Soros targeted Bevin with a smear campaign of lies, conspiracy theories and hoaxes that sunk Bevin’s approval numbers to the low 30s.

Bevin faced off against Andy Beshear, Jr. – the son of a popular former two-term Governor in Kentucky – and early polls showed Beshear holding a decisive lead.

In the closing weeks of the campaign, Bevin yoked himself to President Trump and nationalized the race around his opposition to the Democrats’ fanatical support for open borders and impeachment.

Donald Trump even staged a massive election-eve rally in Kentucky drawing tens of thousands of supporters in the hopes of nudging Bevin across the finish line.

Fake news reporters twisted themselves into knots trying to make this race a test of strength for President Trump.

The Amazon Washington Post’s Robert Costa outrageously claimed the results of the Kentucky vote could swing Republican Senators to support impeachment.

“I spent the day the Senate, talking with Republicans. They are all paying close attention to the KY gubernatorial race. They are not just watching the returns, but President Trump’s political capital as they make decisions about how to handle impeachment and their own future,” Costa tweeted.

When the results came in from Kentucky, fake news reporters and Democrats celebrated the results.

The well-funded and highly coordinated smear campaign against Bevin worked and Beshear led by around 5,000 votes.

Bevin refused to concede and requested a recount, but the fake news already was at work churning out stories claiming Republicans were in panic mode.

Costa published a piece in the Amazon Washington Post headlined “Kentucky outcome embarrasses Trump and worries many Republicans ahead of 2020.”

In the piece, Costa claimed Bevin’s loss was evidence of supporting the President and his agenda falling on deaf ears even in a state where Trump won by nearly 30 points in 2016.

This – of course – was all carefully crafted fake news from Democrat Party activists like Costa that pretend to be journalists.

In an honest assessment of the numbers showed, the loss was about Bevin and not Trump.

Bevin received 498,000 fewer votes than Donald Trump won in 2016, whereas Beshear won just 83,000 more than Hillary Clinton.

In addition, Republicans won five of the six statewide offices on the ballot.

In fact, Attorney General candidate Daniel Cameron received 120,000 more votes than Bevin.

Had Trump been a burden on Republicans, the entire ticket would have crashed and burned on Election Day.

But facts and truth don’t matter to fake news “reporters” like Costa.

They are totally invested in hating Donald Trump and seeing the Democrats impeach him that they are willing to lie and misrepresent basic facts in order to fool Republican Senators into thinking the bottom is falling out from underneath the President.

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