Donald Trump’s outstanding coronavirus response is even winning over his enemies.

He never expected this radical Democrat to agree with him on anything.

Donald Trump received a surprising piece of praise from his worst critic.

The last week has been hard for America with the rising number of coronavirus cases leading to disruptions in the lives of many Americans.

This may be a challenging time, but America is strong and has a rich history of overcoming great obstacles, and leading the way in this fight is President Donald Trump.

Americans can see that Donald Trump is trying to help them the best that he can through this crisis.

President Trump has taken several steps.

A new ABC News/Ipsos poll shows that approval for the way Donald Trump is handling the Chinese coronavirus outbreak has risen 12% in a week.

Not only do 92% of Republicans support Trump’s response, also 30% of Democrats think Trump is handling this crisis well.

He won praise even from Ilhan Omar, a radical socialist congresswoman who stormed out of his State of the Union speech because she dislikes him so much.

According to the Daily Wire:

 Far-left Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN), who often displays open hostility toward the Trump administration, praised President Donald Trump on Wednesday for his leadership in dealing with the coronavirus, which came from China.

Omar’s remarks came in response to a tweet from Intercept reporter Lee Fang, who wrote on Twitter, “Trump suspending mortgage foreclosures, demanding cash payments to Americans, now invoking the Defense Production Act to force private firms to produce needed supplies is incredible. Kind of a shell shock for anyone who reported on any economic policies in the Obama years.”

Omar responded, “Politics aside, this is incredible and the right response in this critical time.”

“@AyannaPressley always says, unprecedented times require unprecedented leadership and we are seeing that in our country right now. I have faith that we will survive this as a nation and build together,” Omar continued. “Finally, we should never let politics get in the way of good policy. This is a great start and hope others will be part of a united front to push for good policies that will help us work through the economic anxiety the country is feeling right now.”

It’s good that Ilhan Omar is deciding to put her hatred of Trump aside for the moment in order to get Americans the help they need.

There hasn’t been an epidemic like this in America for over a hundred years and it does require the government to get involved in an abnormal manner.

Ilhan Omar and other Democrats may be looking to extend this government involvement beyond when the Chinese coronavirus is defeated.

But that battle can wait for another day.

This is the time for Americans to stand in solidarity with one another and beat the Chinese coronavirus, proving once again that America is the greatest nation on earth.