Donald Trump set the political world on fire with his comment about the NFL national anthem protesters.

The spoiled, millionaire athletes reacted by ramping up their anti-American displays on Sunday.

But Trump’s jaw-dropping reaction was all anyone was talking about.

At a rally in Alabama, Trump implored NFL owners to fire players who disrespect the memory of the brave veterans who fought for our freedoms.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, players, and owners rushed to proclaim NFL players who kneel for the national anthem to express their hatred of America were actually unifying the country and that Trump was trying to be divisive.

The protests accelerated on Sunday when 150 NFL players knelt for the national anthem.

The Steelers, Titans, and Seahawks refused to take the field to honor America.

In a game played in London, the Ravens and Jaguars stood for England’s national anthem, but members of both teams knelt for the playing of the Star-Spangled Banner.

To many, taking the protests to foreign soil and respecting another country while dissing America was an unforgivable act of betrayal.

But Trump did not back down.

Instead, he doubled down on his defense of the American flag and our nation’s history.

ESPN’s Charles Woodson said this was a Sunday where everyone had to pick a side.

Are you with Donald Trump or anti-American NFL players?

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