Barack Obama was the most anti-American President in history.

He routinely apologized for America and appeased her enemies.

But now Donald Trump did the one thing that exposed him as a traitor.

When Trump traveled to Asia, he met the Japanese Emperor.

Trump merely shook his hand in a polite greeting.

This was in sharp contrast to Obama who in 2009 bowed in submission to a ceremonial foreign leader.

Obama was blasted for signaling that America was a submissive nation who bowed to foreign dignitaries.

Fox News had reported:

“Pamela Eyring, the president of The Protocol School of Washington, said that while there’s no “hard-and-fast” rule, a bow is not appropriate when national leaders meet.

“They’re peers. … Unfortunately, it isn’t correct for a chief of state to bow to another chief of state,” she told “It’s not appropriate. He should not be bowing to other chiefs of state.”

She said Obama was clearly trying to show respect, but that the royal couple would not expect such a gesture from a Western leader. Eyring, who reviewed the video of the encounter, said they seemed a “bit uncomfortable” watching Obama bow.

“When you’re representing the United States of America, everything speaks … on behalf of our country,” Eyring said. “It’s a visual. It shows more of a subservient look.”

By most accounts, it hasn’t been official protocol for a U.S. president, or any American, to bow to a foreign head of state or symbolic monarch. Other heads of state and officials, like former Vice President Cheney, have greeted the Japanese emperor with a handshake — which Eyring said is the appropriate custom.”

When Trump was campaigning for President, he would routinely ridicule Obama for the disrespect he tolerated as President.

Trump often mocked Obama for not being met by the Head of State at the airport and promised Air Force One would be turned around if a nation’s leader was not ready to greet him.

Americans saw Obama’s bow to the Japanese Emperor as a symbol that he did not respect America as a special place, and that he believed America was just one of many nations in the global community.

Trump – on the other hand – pledged to put America First and has lived up to that promise since being in office.