Ilhan Omar has built a name for herself for saying ridiculous things.

But now her own rhetoric is coming back to bite her.

President Trump just humiliated Omar in her own words, and it left the Democrat stunned like never before.

And now she was just betrayed in a way she never thought possible.

Minnesota Democratic Congresswoman Ilhan Omar is a political lightning rod unlike anything either party has seen in D.C. in decades.

Elected in a heavily blue district just last year on a wave of anti-Trump opposition, Omar thought she was safe from any backlash.

But she was wrong.

Omar’s brief record in Congress has been so toxic that even fellow Democrats are now plotting against her.

And her own words are now being used against her, by President Trump nonetheless.

The Daily Caller reports, “President Donald Trump’s official campaign used Democratic Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar’s own words against her after she criticized the president for his response to a supporter who suggested shooting illegal immigrants.”

“This was hard to watch and listen to but unsurprising that Trump would laugh about shooting people who come to our country seeking a better life,” Omar tweeted on Thursday. Her comments were in reference to an exchange that Trump had a day prior while he was holding a rally in Florida.

During the rally in Florida, Trump rhetorically asked people how to stop the flood of illegal immigrants entering the country. After someone shouted “shoot them,” Trump said that “only in the panhandle can you get away with that statement.”

Omar took the bait and attacked, and now she instantly regretted getting involved at all.

“Trump’s 2020 campaign fired back at Omar’s criticism with a clip of the Minnesota congresswoman from 2013 where she shrugged off the idea that the Islamic-terror organizations al-Qaeda and Hezbollah are dangerous and mocked Americans who believe so,” adds the Daily Caller.

Omar is known for her infamous and racist remarks directed at the Trump administration, as well as anyone else who stands in her way.

Omar has attacked Jewish Americans being disloyal to the United States.

She’s also declared that 9/11 was just an act of “some people did something.”

And her ridiculous rhetoric is finally catching up to her and the rest of the Democratic Party are beginning to desert her at last.

Her rhetoric and penchant for getting into deep trouble on social media and in the press has led to many Democrats backing away from her, and the Trump campaign video will only accelerate that trend.

Its millions of Americans across the country find her comments unacceptable, and videos like this will only continue to be made as she continues to dig her own hole the longer she remains in office.

“Omar, and fellow Democratic Rep. Rashida Tlaib of Michigan became America’s first Muslim congresswomen when sworn into office in January. Their time in office has been embroiled in allegations of anti-Semitism and anti-American sentiments,” concludes the Daily Caller.

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