The Democratic field for president in 2020 is the largest in history.

President Trump’s top rival for the White House in 2020 appears to be Joe Biden.

The former Vice President is dominating the Democratic polls and seems poised to be the Democratic nominee against Trump.

But Trump smacked Joe Biden with a nasty surprise for Obama’s former Vice President.

With over 20 candidates already in the race, with the potential for several more jumping in soon, it seems to be anyone’s game as to who the eventual nominee will be.

But with just over a year out before the Democratic convention, it seems like former Vice President Joe Biden is in a strong position to be the Democratic nominee in 2020.

Biden, who served as Barack Obama’s running mate during his time in the White House, is dominating most Democratic primary polls, and his strong support among the party establishment suggests that he already has an advantage over his rivals.

But Biden may be in for a rude awakening if he emerges as the nominee.

And President Trump is already making plans to deal with him.

The Daily Caller reports, “America First Action, the pro-Trump Super PAC, is staying out of the Democratic primary until a victor emerges limping from the ‘gauntlet.’”

“The PAC intends on assisting the Trump campaign and the Republican National Committee (RNC), with its millions of dollars in fundraising, access to conservative political data and hefty file of opposition research. But, at least for now, the latter will not be used as campaign fodder, as the group hopes to let Democrats do the attacking.”

This approach of letting the Democrats tear each other to shreds in the primary and then swooping in to finish off the nominee has its roots in success in the past. It’s exactly what Barack Obama did in 2012 to Mitt Romney.

And now that same strategy may be applied in reverse, with the Democrats now on the receiving end.

“We’re just going to feed stuff into that ecosystem and let [Democrats] make that decision,” the group’s president, Brian Walsh, told The Daily Caller on Thursday.

“The ‘stuff’ comes from America Rising, a conservative opposition research group that does traditional research and also sends trackers to Democratic town halls and campaign events to capture the biggest gaffes on video,” adds the Daily Caller.

Trump’s team doesn’t seem to be afraid of Biden either. They have a plan to deal with him.

Biden has a long history in Washington, having been in one political office or another for 40 years.

He also has a long record of awful gaffes that can be used against him, as well as two losing presidential campaigns to deal with.

In short, Biden isn’t as strong as many predict he is, and his record includes, “A long career in politics does indeed come with plenty of material for opponents to cash in: to name a few, Biden’s old comments embracing segregation, his votes for tough-on-crime bills, his inappropriate touching of women and his son’s cozy relationship with Ukraine,” according to the Daily Caller.

This puts him in a weak position against Trump should he be the nominee in 2020.

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