Donald Trump 2020

Donald Trump has two tasks in front of him.

The President must protect the health of the American people by stopping the coronavirus outbreak and Trump must manage the nation through this crisis with a functioning economy intact.

But all hell is breaking loose because Donald Trump isn’t going to like what Fox News just reported about the coronavirus.

Fox Business correspondent Charles Gasparino appeared on Neil Cavuto’s Fox Business program to discuss reports that President Trump was considering relaxing the social distancing guidelines at the end of the initial 15-day period.

Gasparino warned that may not be the best idea.

In the interview, Gasparino noted that while the President was correct to ban flights from China early on, the administration’s response was still playing catch-up.

“The Trump administration pats itself on the back a lot about… banning the China flights in January, which I think was good, most people would say was a reasonable thing to do. It wasn’t xenophobic, but I will say this. That is having not a lot of impact on what’s going on right now. You know, the virus was probably already here in January. It was obviously spreading to Europe and people were going to Europe and coming back. The policy response in January is probably some of the stuff we’re doing now or at least in February, and that’s the problem with the Trump administration playing this down for as long as it did. It prevented the appropriate social distancing policy response and now it’s gonna pay a price,” Gasparino told Cavuto.

Gasparino also cautioned that ending the social distancing at the end of March could prove to be a mistake because it could lead to a second wave of infections that overwhelm the hospitals and lead to even more loss of life.

“Here’s the problem with stopping the social distancing. It’s the hospital systems that probably can’t take the flood of patients coming in there. They haven’t been prepared because we were essentially, government — the central was downplaying it for so long.”

President Trump faces a decision no Commander-in-Chief ever has.

The President is trying to navigate an economic and public health crisis while trying to make sure the nation does not trade victory on one front for defeat on the other.

Both situations are equally serious.

The nation faces a healthcare system that could be overwhelmed by a flood of coronavirus patients if the social distancing measures fail to “bend the curve” in terms of lessening the increase of new cases each day.

However, the nation’s economy cannot survive months of economic shutdown.

Even Democrats such as New York’s Andrew Cuomo began discussing the need to plan the pivot back to an open economy.

Donald Trump is facing the most pivotal decision of his life.

More than just his Presidency is at stake.

The health of the population and the nation’s economic well-being hang in the balance.

We will keep you up to date on any new developments in the Trump administration’s response to the coronavirus outbreak.