Donald TrumpNancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff believed the walls were closing in on Donald Trump.

Democrats held closed door and public show trial hearings where they thought they built a mountain of evidence to remove President Trump from office.

But then Donald Trump said three words about impeachment that left Pelosi speechless.

Donald Trump and the Republicans continue to hammer Democrats over the rigged, Stalinist nature of the Democrats’ impeachment witch hunt.

Congressional Democrats charted a course to impeach the President and remove Donald Trump from office by denying him basic due process rights.

Republicans are not allowed to call key witnesses and Adam Schiff’s blocked their ability to ask questions by keeping certain depositions under a gag order.

During an interview on CBS’s “Face the Nation,” host Margaret Brennan pressed Pelosi on the Republicans’ attacks on the lack of due process.

“Does the president get, as he says, to confront his accuser or get due process?” Brennan asked.

“The president could come right before the committee and talk, speak all the truth that he wants if he wants,” Pelosi responded to Brennan. “He has every opportunity to present his case.”

“But it’s really a sad thing. I mean, what the president did was so much worse than even what Richard Nixon did, that at some point Richard Nixon cared about the country enough to recognize that this could not continue,” Pelosi added.

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer echoed Pelosi’s call for President Trump to testify.

“If President Trump doesn’t agree with what he’s heard in the impeachment inquiry’s public hearings and has evidence he’d like to present: He should come to the committee and testify and answer questions under oath,” Schumer stated.

Democrats figured they could use this talking point to blunt Republicans from pointing out to the public that the Democrats’ impeachment witch hunt operated under a fundamentally unfair and un-American process.

But President Trump called Pelosi’s and Schumer’s bluff and announced on social media that he would “strongly consider it.”

“Our Crazy, Do Nothing (where’s USMCA, infrastructure, lower drug pricing & much more?) Speaker of the House, Nervous Nancy Pelosi, who is petrified by her Radical Left knowing she will soon be gone (they & Fake News Media are her BOSS), suggested on Sunday’s DEFACE THE NATION that I testify about the phony Impeachment Witch Hunt,” the President stated. “She also said I could do it in writing. Even though I did nothing wrong, and don’t like giving credibility to this No Due Process Hoax, I like the idea & will, in order to get Congress focused again, strongly consider it!”

If President Trump does testify it will surely not be in person before Adam Schiff and the House Intelligence Committee.

That is a clear violation of separation of powers.

If President Trump wanted to present his side of the story, it would likely come in the form of written answers.

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