Robert Mueller’s witch hunt is reaching its one year mark.

Despite finding no evidence of collusion or wrongdoing, Mueller is dragging the investigation out in hopes of digging up any kind of dirt on the President.

But Trump is holding an ace up his sleeve that could finish Mueller off for good.

Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani told Bloomberg that the President’s legal team was going to use the one-year mark of Mueller’s appointment to wage a campaign to end the investigation.

It has trudged along for far too long and has led to minimal results.

No one has been indicted for collusion.

The best Mueller could come up with against members of the Trump team was process crimes about misstatements to the FBI.

Giuliani declared that the Trump team was going to try politely putting the message out in the media that it is time for Mueller to wrap things up.

This is the message Vice President Pence delivered in an interview on the Today Show.

But if Mueller continues to press forward in his crusade, Giuliani stated that Trump has a plan “B and C” available to shut Mueller down.

Bloomberg reports:

President Donald Trump and his legal team are planning to use the one-year anniversary this week of Robert Mueller’s appointment to ratchet up pressure on the special counsel to close his investigation.

Trump and his lawyers are trying to set up the milestone on Thursday as a turning point in their campaign to end Mueller’s probe into Russian election meddling and obstruction of justice, Rudy Giuliani, Trump’s personal lawyer, said Tuesday in an interview. While he isn’t threatening specific actions, Giuliani said they haven’t ruled out additional steps if Mueller doesn’t heed their calls.

“We are going to try as best we can to put the message out there that it has been a year, there has been no evidence presented of collusion or obstruction, and it is about time for them to end the investigation,” Giuliani said. “We don’t want to signal our action if this doesn’t work — we are going to hope they listen to us — but obviously we have a Plan B and C.”

Trump is going to play nice for now.

But if Mueller continues to drag this out – and try to set up a perjury trap interview for the President – then the big guns will come out.

Trump’s initial strategy of accommodation and cooperation won him nothing.

Mueller pocketed all of Trump’s goodwill gestures and demanded even more.

Trump’s team has turned over 1.2 million documents from the campaign, transition, and administration—and still Mueller has yet to produce one shred of proof of collusion or obstruction.

If Mueller refuses to accept reality and pushes forward with his fishing expedition, America will find out what Trump’s plan “B and C” are to end Mueller’s attempt to undermine democracy.