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The Presidential Election may come down to one state.

And President Trump got some bad news.

Now Donald Trump delivered a reality check about the results that his voters never expected.

Pennsylvania and its 20 Electoral College votes hold the key to the election.

With Donald Trump’s campaign believing it has a strong chance to win Arizona when all is said and done, the President needs one more state to reach 270 Electoral College votes.

On election night, President Trump held a lead of about 700,000 votes in Pennsylvania.

But Pennsylvania Democrats’ officials delayed counting mail ballots until the next day.

Democrat Governor Tom Wolf said that all outstanding mail-in ballots – no matter when they were received – would count.

“We still have over 1 million mail ballots to count in Pennsylvania,” Governor Wolf tweeted. “I promised Pennsylvanians that we would count every vote and that’s what we’re going to do.”

Even with a million mail-in ballots to go, the voting patterns in Pennsylvania still favored the President.

American Greatness editor Chris Bursick wrote, “Trump is up by ~700,000 votes in PA. Biden has to win the remaining vote by ~2:1 to win the state. That’s going to be tough. That’s why they shut down Philly early tonight – just in case a few extra are needed. There were about 700k votes total in Philadelphia in 2016.”

But what troubled Republicans was a decision by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court to allow ballots that came in up to three days after the election – even if there was no postmark or proof of mailing to certify that they were turned in on time – to count.

On the morning after the election, President Trump emailed warning them that before the election he predicted Democrats would use mail-in ballots to swing the election.

President Trump wrote:

Just like I predicted from the start, mail-in ballots are leading to CHAOS like you’ve never seen, plain and simple! The Radical Left is going to do whatever it takes to try and rip a TRUMP-PENCE VICTORY away from you, and that’s why I’m coming to you now…

…I warned the Nation this would happen, Jeff. I knew the Democrats wouldn’t be able to accept another CRUSHING defeat, so now they’re trying to mess with the results. It’s madness!

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Every legitimate vote should count.

But to count, votes have to be turned in by the time the polls close and counted in a transparent and trustworthy manner.

Many Americans – including the President – do not believe that is happening in Pennsylvania.

And given the state’s importance in the Presidential Election, a transparent and fair vote count must take place.

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