Donald Trump and Joe Biden are going head to head in the presidential campaign.

There is one issue Joe Biden is afraid to talk about.

And Donald Trump challenged Joe Biden with a big election ultimatum.

In 2016, Donald Trump released a shortlist of potential Supreme Court nominees.

This gambit paid off big time as skeptical conservatives “came home” during the final weeks of the campaign as evangelical Christians and other movement conservatives finally saw proof Trump was not some New York City liberal and was a true conservative.

Supreme Court nomination in 2016 played a major role in the 2016 campaign after Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia passed away in February of that year.

In 2020, the health of Liberal Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg could become a campaign issue.

Ginsburg suffered multiple bouts with cancer and many political pundits believe she is only hanging on in hopes that Joe Biden wins the election so she can retire in peace knowing her successor will be a left-wing ideologue.

But the battleground states are tightening and President Trump could win another Electoral College victory.

So President Trump called an event at the White House to announce he was adding 20 new names to his Supreme Court shortlist, among them were Republican Senators Tom Cotton of Arkansas, Josh Hawley of Missouri and Ted Cruz of Texas.

The President explained that these conservative justices would uphold equality under the law and defend the American way of life.

“Every one of these individuals will ensure equal justice, equal treatment, and equal rights for citizens of every race, color, religion, and creed,” Trump told the nation.

“Together we will defend our righteous heritage and preserve our magnificent American way of life,” President Trump added.

The President explained that other than decisions of war and peace, picking Supreme Court Justices was the most important thing a President could do.

That’s why President Trump challenged Joe Biden to release his own list of possible Supreme Court nominees.

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President Trump speculated that Joe Biden would not do so because he was afraid any list of left-wing judges his handlers put out would add more evidence to President Trump’s argument that Joe Biden is a puppet for the radical left.

“Joe Biden has refused to release his list, perhaps because he knows the names are so extremely far left that they could never withstand public scrutiny or receive acceptance,” Trump declared.

Biden wants to hide his Supreme Court list because for the last 50 years, the left has imposed their social agenda of abortion, homosexual marriage and so-called “transgender” rights through the courts because liberals know they could not win elections on these issues.

Putting out a list of judges that would do the radical left’s bidding on the court, Biden would put this unpopular social agenda on the ballot.

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