Donald Trump

Donald Trump is not going to let China off the hook for their shocking lies.

There’s a price that will need to be paid.

Donald Trump blew the whistle on who helped China’s coronavirus cover-up.

It’s recently emerged that China was even worse in its cover-up of the coronavirus that started in Wuhan than was previously known.

A group of 100 policy experts, lawmakers and academics gathered together to criticize China, to write a letter that the coronavirus outbreak was China’s “Chernobyl moment.”

“We should never forget that China’s Chernobyl moment was a self-inflicted wound. The CCP [Chinese Communist Party] silenced Chinese doctors who wanted to warn other health professionals during the early stage of the outbreak,” the letter said.

The Chinese government was keeping back information that the world needed to hear.

Virologist Shi Zhengli, from Wuhan, discovered early on that the new coronavirus was 96 percent identical to a virus found in horseshoe bats.

Perhaps because horseshoe bats are not found around Wuhan, in fact the nearest native populations of horseshoe bats are found 600 miles away from Wuhan.

Journalist Gao Yu said Shi told her that the Chinese government told her not to report her finding that could be crucial in developing a vaccine.

She said: “We learned later her institute finished gene-sequencing and related tests as early as January 2 but was muzzled.”

Dr. Shi said in an online lecture last month that her team found the virus could infect people six days before China revealed this fact.

Yet the WHO is insisting that China didn’t withhold any information from them.

According to The Daily Wire:

On Sunday, David Nabarro, special envoy from the World Health Organization (WHO), insisted, “We don’t believe” that China withheld information regarding the coronavirus. Nabarro, who also serves as Senior U.N. System Coordinator for Avian and Pandemic Influenza, told “Meet The Press” host Chuck Todd, “We are trying to be clear to everybody that we have been given access to the information we requested. So therefore I don’t like at any time to say, ‘We don’t believe.’” Nabarro also said, “We need a strong WHO, a trusted WHO.”

Actually, the current crisis has shown that America shouldn’t believe the WHO’s data and the WHO isn’t providing useful data.

The WHO looks like it has acted as a rubber stamp, to give international credibility to China’s misinformation.

Donald Trump is absolutely correct that they shouldn’t be given another penny until they answer some hard questions about their relationship to China and how they handled the outbreak.

Why didn’t the WHO declare the coronavirus to be a pandemic after there was regional spread in Italy, Iran and South Korea? It fit their own criteria for a pandemic at that point and yet they didn’t declare it.

Did China gain control over the WHO as part of their attempt to become a global superpower?

America shouldn’t give the WHO funding until we get the answer to that question.

It would be inexcusable for an organization that is supposed to work for healing to put the world’s health in jeopardy to please the Chinese Communist government.