Donald Trump wants to fire Jeff Sessions over the Russia probe.

He is furious over Sessions lack of loyalty.

But Trump just got some bad news about Jeff Sessions.

Donald Trump Loses Faith In Jeff Sessions Obver Russia Probe

Trump lost faith in Sessions months into the administration.

Sessions stepped away from the Russia probe after it was revealed he had met with the Russian ambassador during the campaign.

He did not tell the Senate committee about this meeting during his confirmation hearings.

Since Sessions was told by the FBI that the meeting was part of his duties as a Senator, he did not disclose the meeting.

The anti-Trump press didn’t care.

Sessions bowed to fake news media pressure and recused himself from the Russia probe.

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein took over.

He then appointed Robert Mueller as special counsel.

Donald Trump Attacks Jeff Sessions

Trump then began to attack Jeff Sessions on social media.

He recently ripped Sessions for being “missing in action” over failing to prosecute Deep State agents.

Trump tweeted:

Donald Trump Gets Bad News About Firing Jeff Sessions

Republican Senators gave Trump bad news about firing Sessions.

They claimed they could not confirm anyone to replace him.

That’s because they demand that any Attorney General Trump hires to allow Robert Mueller to finish his probe.

Trump supporters cheered when South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham said he did not want the job.

“No. I like being a senator. There are plenty of more qualified people than me. Bunches of them, thousands,” he said.

Politico reported that a source had told them that Trump wants an Attorney General to be loyal to him the way Eric Holder was to Obama.

Politico reports:

The president, however, is looking for a staunch defender like Eric Holder was to Barack Obama, or a “guy looking out for his own interests,” said a Republican close to the White House. This person said that perhaps a senator could be persuaded to take the job, but was unsure anyone could meet Trump’s criteria of loyalty.

“I’m not sure that there’s anybody in the Senate besides maybe Lindsey Graham that Trump would want and even Lindsey, he really likes Lindsey, but I don’t know if he trusts him,” this person said. “I don’t know that there’s anybody in the Senate he feels that way about or that they feel that way about him.”

Trump-hating Senators promised to block such a nominee.

Anti-Trump Senator Ben Sasse’s spokesman put out a statement that read that he, “finds it difficult to envision a circumstance where he would confirm a successor to Attorney General Sessions if he is fired for faithfully executing his job. Attorney General Sessions has allowed Mr. Mueller to do his work, and Sen. Sasse believes that’s the way it should be.”

Trump Faces an Even Worse Outcome

If Trump fires Sessions and the Senate won’t confirm his new pick that means Rod Rosenstein runsg the Justice Department.

That is an even worse outcome.

We will keep you up to date on any new details in this ongoing story.