Donald Trump is gearing up to run for re-election in 2020.

Immigration will once again be his signature issue.

But he just got some bad news that will make that more difficult.

Donald Trump Demands Money For The Border Wall

Republicans in Congress kept kicking the fight to fund the border wall down the road.

Their latest move pushed the funding fight to a December 7th deadline.

But now Democrats are set to take over the House in January.

So this is the last chance for Trump to win money to fund his signature campaign promise.

And Trump is in it to win it.

He’s even threatening a partial government shutdown to force Congress to fund the wall.

But Congressional Republicans are already losing their nerve.

Senate Homeland Security Chairman Ron Johnson told reporters he doesn’t want a shutdown.

“I don’t want to screw with those deadlines; I don’t want to engage in shutdown politics. Let’s fund the federal government and move on,” Johnsons stated. “I wish Democrats would cooperate. They all said they want to secure the border, so OK: It’s going to require better barriers.”

But Democrats refuse to give one inch.

Key Democrats are sending signals they will not vote for one dime in border wall funding unless the GOP caves on their priorities.

That means Democrats want legislation that will prevent Trump from firing Robert Mueller and will eliminate a 2020 census question that asks about citizenship.

“If that gets in the mix, there has to be something in return for that,” Virginia Democrat Congressman Gerry Connolly bellowed. “I myself have a pretty hard position that Democrats should not even be engaged in discussions about that because [Trump] made it very clear that Mexico was going to pay for that wall.”

Donald Trump Intends To Fight For Wall Funding

Trump wants at least five billion dollars in wall funding.

Republicans in both the House and the Senate introduced legislation to fund the entire $25 billion wall as a negotiating starting point.

“He’s very committed to that. We are too,” South Dakota Senator John Thune told reporters. “I’m hoping we’re able to get closer to what he’s trying to do in terms of funding the wall.”

But Republicans do not appear to be in a mood to fight.

Leadership is terrified of shutdowns.

They think the public will turn against them because the fake news media will make it seem like the country is on the verge of anarchy.

But Republicans’ fears are undercut by two facts.

First, the GOP picked up nine Senate seats in 2014 after the government shutdown in 2013 in an attempt to defund Obamacare.

Second, barely any of the government actually shuts down.

“How much would actually shut down? Particularly [the Department of Homeland Security] — most of DHS is deemed necessary for national security; it doesn’t shut down,” Senator Johnson pointed out.

“It’s very difficult to shut down the vast majority of the federal government. The federal government is going to keep going along no matter what happens.”

We will keep you up to date on any new developments in this ongoing story.