The Department of Justice is pushing back against another fake news story promoted by the liberal media.

Earlier this week, the New York Times posted an article that ripped into a potential case the Department of Justice would make regarding a social justice issue.

Now the Department of Justice is making their own stand against the liberally-charged newspaper—and the New York Times has no idea what kind of legal mess they have gotten themselves into.

The New York Times recently “reported” the Department of Justice was making allegations “without evidence” while investigating admissions policies in colleges and universities across the country.

Members of the Department of Justice are potentially working to prove there is a definitive prejudice against colleges accepting certain races, and wish to review affirmative action policies in the university setting—but are not targeting the white population of students.

The New York Times based their story on an interpersonal memo sent within the DOJ seeking lawyers who were interested in potentially bringing the matter to court.

But the New York Times spun the story in such a way that it made it seem like the Department of Justice lacked any evidence backing their claims, and that the government agency was focusing on acceptance trends of white students only—which is entirely false.

The Daily Caller reported:

The story’s lead read: “The Trump administration is preparing to redirect resources of the Justice Department’s civil rights division toward investigating and suing universities over affirmative action admissions policies deemed to discriminate against white applicants, according to a document obtained by The New York Times.”

The Times story is based on an internal personnel announcement seeking attorneys to work on “investigations and possible litigation related to intentional race-based discrimination in college and university admissions.” The Times reporter wrote that the announcement does not mention any specific race, but infers that its phrasing is connected to “programs designed to bring more minority students to university campuses.”

A DOJ source with knowledge of the posting told TheDC, “The story appears to assume it deals with White students without evidence.”

The source added: “This was a personnel posting; it does not reflect a new policy or program or any changes to longstanding DOJ policy. Whenever there’s a credible allegation of discrimination on the basis of race, the department will look into it.”

Later, a source from the Department of Justice made a statement further disproving the story spun by the New York Times.

The Daily Caller continued:

“Press reports regarding the personnel posting in the Civil Rights Division have been inaccurate.  The posting sought volunteers to investigate one administrative complaint filed by a coalition of 64 Asian-American associations in May 2015 that the prior Administration left unresolved.  The complaint alleges racial discrimination against Asian Americans in a university’s admissions policy and practices.  This Department of Justice has not received or issued any directive, memorandum, initiative, or policy related to university admissions in general.  The Department of Justice is committed to protecting all Americans from all forms of illegal race-based discrimination.”

It is not yet known what the New York Times’ response will be to the statement issued by the Department of Justice.

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