There’s a bit of discontentment among the Republicans towards the President,

These Republicans are mad, some are furious, all because Trump decided to temporarily reopen the government. They believe it showed him to be a weak-willed leader.

And yet, there are hundreds of thousands who believe the President made the right decision to get the government back open.

There are plenty of people on the right employed by the government who didn’t get to draw a paycheck for almost a month. And while the decision to shut down the government was based on Trump’s strong desire to protect Americans, they believe his decision to get the government open for a short time to arrange payments to government employees was a smart decision.

For Trump, the Devil’s In the Details

It would be difficult to imagine a more difficult position than the one Trump holds right now.

In between a rock and a hard place, Trump ultimately realized that his demand for a wall could not come at the expense of those he’s sworn to protect.

Which is why the President decided to fund the government for 21 days. His 3-week decision is all about putting programs in place that’ll allow government workers to get paid for their hard work… while still keeping his eyes on the prize… a fully funded wall.

This is what’s imperative for the left and the right to realize, Trump is not giving up on the wall.

If anything, he’s shown that he truly cares about his country by not allowing his strong desire to have a wall built become a burden to those he was elected to serve.

Trump knows that he wields a great deal of power.  And he said that since more than three-quarters of a million government were about to lose a second paycheck he couldn’t squander a chance to help them when needed.

Furthermore, the temporary reopening of the government is all for the benefit of the workers. HE realizes time is of the essence here and will be gunning to get his wall built.

On Saturday, Trump tweeted that negotiations will not stop simply because the government’s closed.

“21 days goes very quickly,” he tweeted. “Negotiations with Democrats will start immediately.”

Will not be easy to make a deal, both parties very dug in. The case for National Security has been greatly enhanced by what has been happening at the Border & through dialogue. We will build the Wall!”

Many considered the president’s decision to reopen the government, even temporarily, to be a step backward in negotiations with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on funding for the border wall.

National Security In the Spotlight

Trump’s Friday announcement also included a plan for a bipartisan group of lawmakers to begin to review requests from national security and law enforcement experts to determine how border security can best be addressed.

And yet, Trump isn’t letting the Democrats off the hook.

Knowing full well that they’re only blocking the funding of the wall for political reasons the President took to Twitter to point out that the border is under attack.

In a series of four tweets the President wrote:

We have turned away, at great expense, two major Caravans, but a big one has now formed and is coming. At least 8000 people,” Trump tweeted.

“If we had a powerful Wall, they wouldn’t even try to make the long and dangerous journey. Build the Wall and Crime will Fall!”

The president also quoted former Border Chief Mark Morgan and Chairman of the American Conservative Union:

“We absolutely need a physical barrier or Wall, whatever you want to call it. The President yesterday laid all that out,” Morgan said.

“We need to do it all, including the Wall. I provided the same information to the previous administration, & it was ignored.”

Trump quoted Schlapp as having said: “I like the fact that the President is making the case (Border Security & Crime) to the American people. Now we know where Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer & the Democrats stand, which is no Border Security. Will be big 2020 issue.”