Screen Shot 2014-12-29 at 7.56.25 AMIf you were to make a cursory review of Hollywood movies over the past few decades, Christians, as well as Christianity, generally have not been made to shine.

The recent movies “Noah” and “Moses,” have hardly been faithful to the biblical narrative… and those are the movies that have been chosen specifically to highlight the Bible in a “positive” light.

Over the past few decades, Christians have been made to look like raving lunatics, fear mongers, and borderline terrorists. This treatment is the same from Hollywood as it is from the front pages of mainstream newspapers.

It’s all part of an agenda to malign Christians so liberals can continue to push their progressive agenda without interruption.

That’s why when Angelina Jolie decided to make a movie covering both the life, and heroic deeds of Louis Zamperini, viewers were shocked to see his Christian faith in a favorable light.

Though his faith story is not the driving force behind the movie, in Zamperini’s life, his faith was what carried him out of a Japanese POW camp.

Angelina Jolie, married to Hollywood elite, daughter of a Hollywood tour de force, and in her own right,  a tabloid and silver screen fixture, actually decided she would give Zamperini’s life a well deserved, true to life rendition. There was no manipulation of the narrative, nothing added to the subtext to soften Zamperini’s faith.

It was told exactly as it was. There was no pretense, and the film is a raw and unadulterated feature of  a man who knew who he was.

Zamperini’s story is a harrowing tale, and Jolie tells it like it deserved to be told.

It follows Zamperini as he drifts in a raft for 40 days, endures the beatings of a savage war criminal known as “The Bird,” and chooses to focus (though not directly) on how the man’s indomitable will was only bolstered by his faith in God.

The treatment of the subject is most surprising because of the heavy attacks on Christian belief from both the liberal left, and their close supporters in Hollywood.

Perhaps the recent move to feature stories that are Christian (or at least biblical) in nature might be signaling a shift in how Hollywood chooses to view Christians.

A recent poll revealed that as many as 75% of respondents viewed themselves as Christ followers.  Nearly as many as believe Jesus rose from the dead (69%).

While these polls prove that at the very least, the American populace is Christian, movies like “Unbroken” show that Hollywood is hearing that people want to see their faith represented accurately and fairly.

Now if only the politicians would listen…