Democrats in Congress are making it almost impossible to pass legislation within a reasonable amount of time, thanks to their abuse of power.

Now the left is taking advantage of a rule change made by a former majority leader, and preventing President Trump from doing his job.

Republicans in Congress are beginning to hint they are fed-up with Democrats manipulating the rules to their advantage, and are advocating for changes to be made.

Harry Reid, former Majority Leader, made changes that would benefit only those who wanted to inhibit progress from being carried out–which is exactly what Democrats want right now.

Democrats are abusing a 30-hour debate rule to drag out President Trump’s appointments, despite only needing a simple majority vote.

The Daily Caller reported:

Although all presidential appointments now only require a simple majority vote (known as a cloture vote) to move forward from debate for a final up or down vote, the minority can still demand 30 hours of non-continuous floor debate before the procedure.

Previously, all presidential appointments required 60 votes in the chamber to move forward from debate to a final vote, but when Democrats had the majority, then-Majority Leader Harry Reid changed the rules so only a simple majority for cloture was necessary for all appointments.

Now, Republicans are rallying to change the rule back to avoid further complications during the approval process for presidential appointments.

The Daily Caller continued:

“I’m in favor of it. I was in favor of it when we talked about it earlier. If Democrats continue to be obstructionists like that have been I think we would have to start looking at that option very seriously,” Wyoming Republican Sen. John Barrasso told The Daily Caller Monday.

“I thought it should have been reformed a long time ago. Yeah. We had an agreement several sessions ago to do two, four, and eight. And there’s no reason why we should ever be on eight for anything other than a Supreme Court nominee. It should definitely be reformed,” Oklahoma Republican Sen. James Lankford told TheDC.

Alabama Republican Sen. Richard Shelby appeared to be in agreement with his colleagues telling TheDC, “I’m open to anything that moves the process in a fair way.”

Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has not shown any indication of changing the rule, however, his remarks over the Democrat’s stalling of the most recent presidential appointment proves he is willing to consider it.

The Daily Caller continued:

“So it doesn’t really matter whether the nominee has been nominated to serve in the judiciary,  or work as an ambassador, or serve in the Treasury Department, or head an intelligence agency, or sit on the Nuclear Regulatory Commission; Democrats have shown time and again that they are willing to force needless procedural votes on nominees they actually support in order to waste the Senate’s time — and, presumably, with the simultaneous goal of impeding the president’s ability to make almost any appointments at all. If this trend continues, it will take us more than 11 years to confirm the remaining presidential appointments. Let me repeat that. More than 11 years. A presidential term lasts 4,” McConnell said.

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