The Democratic Party has hit a decade-low in fundraising and they can’t figure it out.

While they are spending all their time colluding with the liberal media to bring down President Trump, they forget fewer people are tuning in.  Of American adults, 9 out of 10 get their news online.

All of this spells disaster for the Democratic Party.

From Fox News:

“The Democratic National Committee had the worst month of fundraising in a decade in July.

Democrats pulled in $3.8 million last month. Republican fundraising lapped them twice with $10.2 million.

“We really should be kicking their a***s. It shouldn’t even be close, considering all hell is breaking loose on their side,” said one frustrated Democratic donor.

GOP fundraising has been steadily higher than funding for Democrats this year.

Democrats raised $38.2 million in the first half of 2017, a little over half Republicans’ $75.4 million.

In all, the RNC owns almost $45 million, compared to the DNC’s almost $7.5 million plus debts amounting to $3 million.

Here are two possible explanations why their fundraising is down.

  • As more and more Americans no longer follow the liberal media, the Democrats’ message is getting shriller, and people are tuning out.

Pew Media Research says 9 out of 10 adults get their news from online sources.  The left has lost their information monopoly.

The anti-Trump media has turned off most Americans and done so quickly.  Before Trump’s inauguration, 78% of Republicans felt the media was an important watchdog on politicians, but that has dropped to 42% according to Pew Research.

  • Their biggest issue at the moment is a major problem for them. A PBS poll showed 68% of America doesn’t want historic monuments torn down.

While the left — with help from the media — would have you believe that virtually everybody in the country wants to see the Confederate statues taken down, or at least moved to a museum or some other site, a recent poll from Marist, NPR, and PBS News Hour would seem to suggest otherwise.

The August 2017 Marist poll asked, “Do you think statues honoring leaders of the Confederacy should: Remain as a historical symbol, Be removed because they are offensive, or are Unsure.”

Far from the impression the media has provided, 62 percent of adults think the statues should remain, while only 27 percent think they should be removed and 11 percent remained unsure on the topic.

By the way, the methodology of the poll shows the pollsters have continued their tricks from before the election, oversampling Democrat respondents as compared to Republicans.

Marist polled 1,125 people, 36 percent were Democrats, 37 percent claimed Independent, and only 26 percent identified as Republicans.

Given the overwhelming number of Republican respondents who favored keeping the statues in the actual poll (86 percent), if an equal number of Republicans as Democrats had been polled, the overall number of those favoring keeping the statues in place would have been even higher than reported.