Democrats have one goal in mind for 2019.

That is removing Donald Trump from office.

And a key Democrat just revealed some surprising news about impeaching Trump.

New York Democrat Jerry Nadler is the incoming chair of the House Judiciary Committee.

Any impeachment proceedings will originate on his watch.

Fake news reporters have peppered Nadler for months with hypothetical questions about impeaching the President.

Nadler previously stated impeachment was on the table, but downplayed that talk before the midterms.

But now that the election is over, Nadler and the Democrats are opening up about their impeachment plans.

Nadler appeared on CNN’s State of the Union Sunday show and host Jake Tapper pressed him on the allegations in the Michael Cohen sentencing memo.

Cohen pled guilty to campaign finance violations related to hush money payments made to women alleging affairs with Trump.

The former Trump lawyer claimed Trump directed him to make those payments.

Many experts believe prosecutors in the Southern District of New York included those claims in their sentencing memo for Cohen because they intend to pursue a criminal indictment of Donald Trump.

Nadler tried to stick to his previous assertions that he would only pursue impeachment if a significant portion of Trump supporters in Congress were willing to go along.

But he described Cohen’s allegations as “impeachable offenses.”

“They would be impeachable offenses. Whether they are important enough to justify an impeachment is a different question, but certainly they’d be impeachable offenses because even though they were committed before the president became president, they were committed in the service of fraudulently obtaining the office,” he said.

However, Nadler tried to walk a tightrope by stating he wasn’t sure if they rose to the level of impeachment.

“There are several things you have to look at. One, were there impeachable offenses committed? How many? And secondly, how important were they? Did they rise to the gravity where you should undertake an impeachment?” Nadler stated.

The New York Democrat plainly admitted that they would ultimately be undoing the results of the 2016 election by impeaching the President.

“An impeachment is an attempt to, in effect, overturn or change the result of an election,” Nadler continued. “You should do it only for very serious situations.”

The incoming House Judiciary Committee chairman also addressed the theory that federal prosecutors want to indict Trump.

No serious analyst believes you can indict a sitting President.

He would never get a fair trial and it would impede his ability to perform his duties.

And there is a 2000 Clinton Justice Department finding that you cannot indict the President.

But Nadler claimed it was possible.

Nadler stated, “[there is] nothing in the Constitution that prohibits the president from being indicted.”

“This country originated in a rebellion against the English king,” Nadler continued. “We did not seek to create another king. Nobody — not the president, not anybody else — can be above the law.”

Despite Nadler trying to slow walk any impeachment discussion, his appearance on State of the Union makes it clear that the election results have emboldened the left to openly discuss impeaching the President.