Donald TrumpWith the 2020 election just around the corner, Democrats are scrambling to undo the damage President Trump dealt them in 2016 when he crushed Hillary Clinton.

But there’s one massive problem.

The Democratic Party just got the news that they will lose this critical swing state to Donald Trump for a second time.

When Donald Trump stunned the world by defeating Hillary Clinton in 2016 in what was considered to be a miracle victory, he left Democrats reeling like never before.

The Democratic Party was humiliated by Trump’s victory, in part because the President won office by flipping several states that had been in the Democratic column for decades.

One of those states was Iowa.

Long renowned for being the first state in America to cast its votes in the presidential primary cycle, Iowa has also been one of the most hotly contested swing states in America for decades.

But since the 1990s, Democrats have won Iowa far more times than they have lost it.

Trump ended up crushing Hillary Clinton in Iowa in 2016 however, winning the state in a virtual landslide despite the fact that the pundit class still continued to predict that Iowa would remain one of the most important swing states in the country.

And with the 2020 election now appearing on the horizon, the Democrats are set to lose Iowa to Trump for a second time.

“Iowans treasure the national attention that shines on them every four years when presidential candidates descend on the state, whose caucuses mark the beginning of an election year. But as virtually every Democratic contender swings through Iowa this weekend to participate in the famed state fair, even some die-hard Democratic activists are getting restless,” reports Yahoo.

This malaise among Iowa Democrats is an awful sign for the party ahead of one of the most important elections in American history.

And if Democrats can’t flip Iowa back into their column in 2020, they risk losing it all.

That’s because their path to victory over Trump is extremely narrow.

They have to run the table by winning back most of the states that President Trump managed to flip from Clinton in 2016, including Iowa itself, along with other critical swing states like Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Florida.

And a loss in Iowa would mean the Democrats would have even less room for error.

“The concern isn’t limited to Iowa. Recent interviews with dozens of Democrats in other early-voting states registered a fresh anxiety among the most diligent deciders: If Democrats don’t start to figure things out soon, they could give President Donald Trump the upper hand,” adds Yahoo.

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With a growing enthusiasm gap, Democrats are struggling to get their voters excited about their massive Presidential field of over 20 different candidates.

This is only going to make the job of flipping Iowa back away from Trump even harder.

“Montgomery County, Iowa Democratic Party Chair Joey Norris said with at least 15 campaigns deploying staff to his rural county, ‘we’re seeing that each campaign is tripping over each other in our small counties and our small towns.’ He said voters being repeatedly called by campaigns might avoid their phones soon,” concludes Yahoo.

Do you think Trump can win Iowa again in 2020?

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