The Democrats have finally gone too far.

With the midterm elections rapidly approaching, elected Democrats are desperate to drive up their base enthusiasm.

But the legislation they just signed could end up being the party’s death warrant.

When 28-year-old Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez defeated 20-year incumbent Joe Crowley – who was the number four ranking Democrat in the House and whom was rumored to one day succeed Nancy Pelosi – on her message of abolishing ICE, it sent shockwaves through the Democrat Party.

Gutting immigration enforcement and moving to completely open borders, which Ocasio-Cortez called for by demanding a right to “safe passage” for illegal aliens entering America, quickly became the mainstream view in the Democrat Party.

And Wisconsin Democrat Congressman Mark Pocan is now preparing to introduce the “Abolish ICE” bill.

The Washington Post – which obtained a draft of the legislation – reported Pocan’s bill called for:

“If passed, the bill would sunset ICE within one year, and immediately create a bipartisan group to work out a replacement.

The White House would have no role in the group, which would consist of eight members appointed by congressional leaders and minority party leaders, and nine members from the “major civil society and immigrants’ rights organizations and individuals directly impacted by ICE practices.”

That group would be required to “identify all essential functions of ICE that uphold the Constitution,” then “identify the appropriate federal agencies that shall be tasked with executing activities such as combating financial crimes, cybercrimes, trade fraud, human trafficking and drug smuggling.” It would be up to the commission to “approve the agency’s suitability for that function based on such agency’s track record of transparency.”

The legislation also would ensure that “total federal employment is not reduced with the abolition of ICE” but would prioritize jobs that deal with the “legal, health, and social-service needs of detained individuals.” And it would give the commission a kind of “truth and reconciliation” mission, asking it to study “failures to comply with congressional oversight requirements, violations of constitutional protections and U.S. laws, failures to comply with agency policies and directives, violations of human rights, and any other longstanding patterns of medical neglect, solitary confinement, wrongful death, and other abuses for which ICE is wholly or partially responsible.”

Open borders activists were thrilled.

Sean McElwee – the co-founder of Data for Progress and the originator of the idea to abolish ICE – did cartwheels over the bill.

McElwee told the Post:

“Now that we have a clear consensus that ICE must be abolished, it’s time for a discussion about a humane enforcement system,” McElwee said. “That means ending the criminalization of migration, creating a fast path to citizenship, limiting the scope of CBP’s enforcement and ending our inhumane immigrant detention system. The existence of the legislation proves that within the Democratic Party there is some interest in moving away from pandering to white supremacy.”

But in rushing to please a narrow slice of their base, Democrats have alienated themselves from the broader electorate – including Democrat voters in the 200 counties that Obama won twice but flipped to Trump because of his America First immigration agenda.

A Politico/Morning Consult Poll found just 25 percent of Americans want to abolish ICE.

But 34 percent of Democrats want to keep ICE.

These voters are now estranged from their party.

Heading into the 2018 midterms and Trump’s 2020 re-election campaign, if the Democrats cannot win back these voters, they will be wiped out electorally.