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The 2020 Democrat Presidential primary saw several candidates break out from the pack.

And one emerged with a burst of momentum.

But now this top Democrat’s career is over after a shocking display of treason.

New Jersey Senator Cory Booker was one of the star performers of the first Democrat Presidential debate.

Booker turned in a performance that pundits judged to be strong and also saw an upswing in coverage and fundraising.

But in less than one week, it all evaporated.

Booker tried to expand his appeal to the Democrat base by adopting the cause of illegal aliens seeking to invade the United States.

But instead of just promising amnesty, Booker took his antics one step further.

Booker went to the border and assisted the illegal aliens invading the United States.

Booker’s press secretary Sabrina Singh alerted Democrat voters to this news.

“NEWS: Today @CoryBooker crossed the U.S. border from Juarez to El Paso with @fams2gether to help escort 5 asylum-seekers and try to prevent them from being sent back to Mexico,” Singh tweeted.

“Cory was able to observe the crossing, interactions with federal immigration authorities, and see the disastrous impact of President Trump’s cruel immigration policy,” Singh added.

Booker’s blatant anti-American display came after his campaign had already released an immigration proposal that was the most lawless of any candidate in the Democrat field.

Booker’s website detailed his open-borders proposal:

“Cory would shift federal enforcement priorities from a presumption of detention to a presumption of liberty. Under existing practices, many immigrants are arrested without warrants, left in detention for days or weeks without charging documents, denied the opportunity to request release on bond, and, when they are eligible for bond, charge bond that is unattainable, leaving them in detention.”

Booker’s plan would effectively dissolve the Southern border by ending immigration enforcement and that illegal aliens would be released into the country within 48 hours if Border Patrol did apprehend them.

“Cory would restore fairness and due process to the detention system by directing DHS to require probable cause within 48 hours of detention, ensure fair bond hearings for detained immigrants, require that immigrants are released into the least restrictive setting unless DHS provides evidence of a flight risk or danger to the community, and for immigration judges to take into account an immigrant’s ability to pay when setting bond. Cory would also direct DHS to develop a wide range of alternatives to detention operated in partnership with non-profit community partners, including community-based case management programs,” Booker’s plan read.

Booker’s choice to personally aid and abet illegal aliens sneaking into America showed many Americans that, if he were elected President, his allegiance would not be to his home country.

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