The Democrats can’t stand that at every single turn, Trump seems to thwart their plans to pin him in a corner… and he always seems to wriggle free and escape.

Maybe escape isn’t the right word.

Perhaps, winning is the right word…

For instance, Trump is about to secure his second meeting with the leader of North Korea, which is helping him live up to his promise of denuclearizing the dictatorship.

This is something the Democrats should be happy about… and yet they can’t stand the fact that Trump’s about to cozy up to Kim Jong Un and get the dictator to appease him.

The Meeting Takes Place Soon

Their second meeting will take place in February in a neutral country, Vietnam.

While details are still forthcoming, it’s believed it’ll take place in the Vietnamese capital of Hanoi. Other options on the table for the meeting include  Danang and Ho Chi Minh City.

While the White House is keeping the details somewhat tight.

The Hill gave us the following details regarding the meeting.

“Trump will meet with Kim in late February, the White House said Friday, amid ongoing negotiations to get North Korea to abandon its nuclear program. Multiple recent reports identified Vietnam as a potential location for the meeting.

Trump and Kim held a summit last June in Singapore. It marked the first time the sitting leaders of the two countries had met face-to-face.

The two sides signed a joint declaration where North Korea and the U.S. agreed to work toward the “complete denuclearization of the Korean peninsula” in exchange for unspecified security guarantees.”

Trump Knows This Is a Victory

The simple fact is Trump knows that the first meeting, and now this second one, are both victories.

Not just because it’s helping to make the world a safer place.

But also, because he’s been able to do more to help bring about world peace than any other President in recent history.

After his original meeting, Trump boldly declared North Korea was no longer a nuclear threat. He proved that by showing that since his first meeting with Kim Jong Un there have been no additional nuclear missile tests.

And even though critics have said Kim hasn’t taken any other additional steps to scrap his nuclear program, the truth is no bombs have gone off and Kim Jong Un promises to abandon the program.

Trump’s newest meeting will likely put more pressure on Kim Jong Un to take noticeable action to fully denuclearize, otherwise, sanctions may be on the way.

You’ve got to wonder how the Democrats can hate on that?