The Democrats are pushing full speed ahead with their sham impeachment of Donald Trump.

They’ve turned the entire process into a farce with their behavior.

And now Democrats are scrambling over the bad news they just got about impeachment

The Democrats want you to take impeachment very seriously.

They’re insisting that the entire impeachment process is grave business.

The problem is they can’t hide their giddiness.

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi had to stop a gallery in Congress not to cheer when Trump’s impeachment was officially announced.

At the same time, Pelosi appeared on late-night shows like Bill Maher, yukking it up about the whole dog and pony show.

During a media hit, California Senator and failed presidential candidate Kamala Harris was caught laughing before affecting a serious face to talk about the very serious and grim impeachment that is so, so serious.

Democrats want you to believe impeachment is so serious, Pelosi passed out commemorative gold pens when signing the articles of impeachment.

Pelosi also waited several weeks to deliver the articles to the Senate despite cries of urgency.

Big media networks like CNN have promoted impeachment like it’s the upcoming Super Bowl.

But despite all of their bluster, the American people aren’t buying it.

The ratings for impeachment have been quite abysmal.

According to Nielsen, ABC, NBC, and CBS collectively drew approximately 3.8 million viewers on day three of the Senate impeachment, down over 20% from day one.

CNN’s coverage has been particularly dismal, attracting only 991,000 viewers.

Despite their around-the-clock impeachment coverage, CNN can’t even muster 1 million viewers to watch the charade.

CNN even added extra staff members in advance of impeachment, so this really isn’t working out well for them.

Democrats are angered by the fact people aren’t watching.

And the news gets worse for them.

This very serious impeachment can’t even preempt the broadcast networks’ soap opera lineups.

In fact, the soap operas are drawing better ratings:

And inside the actual trial, senators like Rand Paul are busy doing crossword puzzles or walking out of the sleep-inducing proceedings altogether.

The only people excited about this entire circus are the Democrat mouthpieces in big media.

Everyone else is far more concerned with other things.

Since the process has dragged on, public opinion has swung in Trump’s favor.

Polls show 51% of Americans now oppose Trump’s removal from office.

Even the far-left Washington Post published a poll which showed that Trump’s job approval rating is up to 47%.

The longer impeachment drags on, the longer the American people are getting bored, and gravitating toward Trump.

The economic success thus far under Trump is hard to ignore, unlike the impeachment snoozefest.