The political left is causing some major issues for itself in the government, and they have only themselves to blame.

Liberals constant antics against the political right are further alienating the party from the voters – which is why the Democratic Party continues to lose elections.

The witch hunts against President Trump are causing a rift in the political system as well, and preventing any real change from happening effectively and efficiently.

So, is the Democratic Party imploding in on itself?

The President’s own son believes so.

On Fox’s morning show, “Sunday Morning Futures”, Eric Trump revealed he believes the Democratic Party is imploding in on itself, and full of “nut jobs”.

Breitbart News reported:

Trump said, “I don’t exactly think the message being spewed by the media — the mainstream media, most of them — is really resonating all that well. If you look at the Democratic Party — and I keep saying it — they’re imploding. They’ve got no leadership. They’ve got no message. If you look at the DNC, the DNC is half defunct.”

“They’ve got no money in the bank,” he continued. “They have no operation. You look at the head of the DNC. He is, quite frankly, a nut job. I mean, what is the Democrats’ message right now? I mean, what are they running on? All they’re doing is obstructing. And it’s clearly not working because every race, every special election, my father is winning.”

And he’s right – the Democratic Party is falling apart, and even they are aware of their ultimate demise.

The legacy of their once revered leader, Barack Obama, is falling apart as Trump makes changes to dig America out of the hole Obama threw them in.

Their other savior, Hillary Clinton, is defeated and now maintaining political silence as her email scandal is in the political spotlight once more.

And their voters are losing faith in the DNC and leaders like Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer who are consistently making fools of themselves in the media and proving they cannot keep their party in line.

Liberals need to take a step back and realize they are falling apart for many reasons – but instead of promoting change, they are resisting it in more ways than one.

USA Today reported:

Why have a serious examination of what’s gone wrong when you can keep tweeting #Resist, marching in pink hats, and cheering on Alec Baldwin? The left will keep Pelosi and New York Sen. Chuck Schumer in charge, they’ll keep widening the disconnect with the middle class by fighting for policies that expand government and slow the economy, and they’ll keep whistling past the graveyard.

The longer it takes for Democrats to call the coroner, the better for Republicans.

The Democratic Party is losing ground fast, and even they must be aware of their self- destructive tendencies by now.

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