democrats 1.3

Democrats are in charge of the House of Representatives.

And leadership knows the media and their supporters expect them to remove Donald Trump from office.

That’s why this top Democrat stood in front of the TV cameras and dropped a bombshell about how they plan to impeach Trump.

New York Democrat Jerry Nadler will chair the Judiciary Committee.

Any articles of impeachment will originate from his committee.

During the 2018 election, Nadler did not take impeachment off the table.

So many fake news pundits – as well as some Trump supporters – believed Nadler holding impeachment hearings was inevitable.

The only question that remained was on what grounds would Nadler claim Congress needed to impeach the President.

Nadler has pooh-poohed the idea of impeaching Trump based on Michael Cohen’s testimony that a then-candidate Trump ordered him to pay hush money to women claiming they had affairs with Trump over a decade ago.

“You don’t necessarily launch an impeachment against the President because he committed an impeachable offense,” Nadler told CNN host Jake Tapper. “There are several things you have to look at.”

However, Nadler previewed a new line of investigation that many believe he intends to result in articles of impeachment against the President.

Nadler appeared on CBS ‘This Morning’ to discuss the Democrats shutting down the government rather than provide Trump any funding for a much needed border wall.

Democrats – as well as their allies in the fake news media – seized on the deaths of two migrant children as evidence that Trump’s immigration policies were cruel and immoral.

But Nadler went even further.

The New York Democrat claimed – without citing evidence – that the Trump administration enjoyed seeing children die.

“This is inhuman, and it’s not precedented,” Nadler told CBS. “It’s a deliberate creation of the Trump administration, which is trying to make things as miserable as possible. And if kids die, they’re apparently willing to have that.”

Nadler promised to open investigations into this matter as well.

And given that Nadler also chairs the Judiciary Committee, these will be no ordinary hearings.

Many Trump supporters believe Nadler and the Democrats will claim that Trump’s policies directly led to these children’s deaths and that this rises to the level of an impeachable offense.

Customs and Border Patrol Commissioner Kevin McAleenan shot down these ridiculous attacks.

“Just absolutely devastating for us on every level. It’s been over a decade since we’ve had a child die anywhere in our processes,” McAleenan said on ABC’s ‘This Week’.

McAleenan then went on to describe how Customs and Border Patrol agents did everything in their power to save the children’s lives once it became apparent they were in physical distress.

“What I can tell you about these two cases — and I’ve looked at our operation reporting, the initial investigative reporting, I looked at the fathers’ statements and interviews — is that our agents did everything they could as soon as these children manifested symptoms of illness to save their lives,” McAleenan declared.

These facts don’t matter to Democrats like Nadler.

They hate Donald Trump and they are out for blood.

So Trump supporters can expect Nadler and his fellow Judiciary Committee Democrats to exploit the deaths of children for political gain.

We will keep you up to date on any new developments in this ongoing story.