William Barr

Democrats are struggling to regain their political momentum after a disastrous series of defeats.

Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff and the rest of their allies are struggling to regain their footing and to chart a path forward.

Now one Democrat hit William Barr with this impeachment ultimatum. Here’s why.

The latest fabricated anti-Trump “scandal” is the made-up controversy over William Barr rescinding a cruel and unusual seven to nine-year prison sentence recommendation for Trump associate Roger Stone.

Prosecutors in the case – led by Obama attack dog Jonathan Kravis who has a history of prosecutorial misconduct including violating attorney-client privilege – tried to throw the book at Stone in an act of political retribution against President Trump.

The conduct of these bitter Deep State hatchet men was the real scandal in this case.

Barr slamming the breaks on their vendetta against Stone actually restored the rule of law and upheld the American values of mercy and making sure all defendants receive equal justice under the law.

Democrats struggled with how to respond.

Impeachment already ended in failure so Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff and the rest of the Trump haters in Congress flailed about for a response.

Presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren arrived at the solution.

Warren – whose campaign is caught in a slow-motion death spiral – sought to win back voters she’s losing to Bernie Sanders, Amy Klobuchar and Pete Buttigieg by suggesting Congress impeach Attorney General William Barr instead of President Trump.

“I have to say I know everybody wants to talk about the horse race, but the thing that is really getting to me right now is what’s going on over at the Justice Department. The whole notion that we have people in our Justice Department resigning because Donald Trump’s inappropriate influence and the Attorney General overturning a sentencing of Donald Trump’s cronies. You know, right in front of our eyes, we are watching a descent into authoritarianism. And this just seems like a moment to me everybody should be speaking up,” Warren ranted in an interview with fake news CNN host Anderson Cooper.

Warren made it clear her first preference was that Barr resign.

But Warren knew that would not happen so she moved right to impeachment.

“Understand we should all be calling for the Attorney General to resign. What Barr has done should mean that we are demanding a resignation, and if that guy won’t resign, then the House should start impeachment proceedings against him,” Warren concluded.

By suggesting Barr resign, Warren was trying to stick to the Democrat script that impeachment is something Democrats only pursue prayerfully, somberly and as an act of last resort.

Few Americans actually believe any of this and view it as the play acting that it is.

And Americans think it is especially bad play acting.

That’s why President Trump’s approval numbers increased through the five month long impeachment witch hunt.

Attorney General Barr found himself in the left’s sights ever since he told the truth about the flimsy premise of the Russian collusion investigation and tasked U.S. Attorney John Durham with investigating how the FBI and Obama administration perpetrated that hoax on the American people.

As Barr gets closer to truth and reasserts the rule of law – and not partisan revenge against Republicans – as the guiding light of the Justice Department, Democrats like Elizabeth Warren become increasingly shrill in their calls to end Barr’s career.

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