Americans could not believe what they heard.

One of the Democrats leading figures went on TV to respond to Donald Trump’s primetime address about the crisis on the Southern border.

And they unveiled this jaw-dropping plan to let the caravan sneak into the United States.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is all the rage on the left right now.

The 29-year-old Democrat socialist is a viral media star and represents the ideological heartbeat of the Democrat Party.

The left-wing radical has influenced other Democrats to reveal their true anti-American colors as well.

So when Ocasio-Cortez appeared on The Rachel Maddow Show, it was no surprise she fed the left-wing base a heaping pile of open-borders propaganda.

She argued that instead of building a wall to secure the border, Congress should just defund ICE.

Ocasio-Cortez began her rant by falsely conflating legal and illegal immigrants.

“No one should feel unsafe in the United States of America. And that includes our amazing and beautiful and productive immigrant community and moreover, the one thing the president has not talked about is the fact he has systematically engaged in the violation of international human rights borders — human rights on our border,” the freshmen Democrat stated.

Legal immigrants are not targeted at the border, and Ocasio-Cortez delivered a misleading impression that illegal immigrants are woven into the fabric.

She also whined about the fact that in Trump’s address, the President mentioned the death of a California police officer at the hands of an illegal immigrant.

Ocasio-Cortez then pivoted to a favorite Democrat lie—that President Trump and Border Patrol are killing illegal immigrant children by willfully denying them medical care.

The freshmen Democrat used that falsehood to justify defunding ICE.

She continued, “He talked about what happened the day after Christmas on the day of Christmas, a child died in ICE custody. The president should not be asking for more money to an agency that has systematically violated human rights,” she continued. “The president should be really defending why we are funding such an agency at all because right now what we are seeing is death.”

This is a blatant lie.

Border Patrol agents did everything in their power to save the lives of the two illegal alien children who became sick.

It was their parents who put their lives in danger by dragging them along to the United States in the hopes they could use them as human shields and win a false claim of asylum into America.

Finally, Ocasio-Cortez wrapped up her tantrum by lying about the conditions under which immigrants are being held.

She made it seem like Trump is rounding up illegal aliens and shoving them into concentration camps.

“Right now what we are seeing is the violation of human rights. These children and these families are being held in … basically freezing boxes that no person should be maintained in for any amount of time let alone the amount of time they are being kept on. And moreover, even if you’re anti-immigrant in this country, the majority of immigrant overstays, the majority of the reason people are undocumented is Visa overstay. It’s not because people are crossing a border.”

The reality is Democrats rejected Trump’s request for $5.6 billion in wall funding and other border security measures.

But that additional funding would have provided money for more beds and the ability to process asylum claims.

If Ocasio-Cortez truly believes the government has subjected illegal aliens to inhumane housing facilities, then she should support the administration’s proposed border security in order to speed up the process of which migrants have legitimate claims of asylum and which ones need to be sent back to their countries of origin.

Instead, Ocasio-Cortez demanded Congress abolish ICE altogether and roll out the welcome mat for new caravans of millions of illegal aliens to pour into the country.

We will keep you up to date on any new developments in this ongoing story.